Best Video Games of All Time

10 Best Video Games of All Time November 2019 updated

Bests Video Games Neon SignVideo games have become an integral part of our day-to-day life even if everyone is not playing them. Some people, especially youngsters, cannot imagine their life without a video game. Though you can create a list of all-time best video games in many ways but the list provided here under is based on the reviews of game critics and journalists.

Dota 2

This video game is a fantasy, competitive MOBA game and is a descendant of a custom map of the exceptionally popular video game Warcraft 3. This game is based on a shining score of music, an unrelated client and a number of other heroes. This game was published by Valve and was released in 2013.

This game has smooth gameplay, polished graphics and a variety of other characters like game modes, skins, and heroes to make it different from its original version. Though the learning curve of this video game is steeper than other MOBA games still it was admired by a large number of players and became a widely played and one of the most popular video games of the world. This game was designed by the same designer who has designed its original version and was developed by IceFrog. The gameplay of Dota 2 resembles exactly with that of its original version but to make it different from that it was provided with a new engine, standalone client and more polished graphics.

Main features of Dota 2 include:

  • Players can control all the heroes of the game from its very beginning so that you need not buy or unlock the heroes to use them to play the game.
  • Snowballing has been made easier so that its effects can be magnified when you are losing gold
  • The players can use a variety of skins and cosmetics to customize the different parts of their heroes like armors, helmets, and weapons, etc.
  • While playing Dota 2 players can customize their game by using the features Tower defenses, Pudge Wars, Battleships, Racing and so on.
  • The players can use their skills to play this competitive video game.

King’s Quest III: To Heir Is Human

Sierra Entertainment has released this fangame developed by AGD Interactive in February 2011 as the next version of King’s Quest II: Romancing the Stones. In this game, the story of the wicked father introduced in its previous version was expanded along with introducing several new characters and situations to give a new shape to this version.

The background of th8is video game is based on the story of the kidnapping of Gwydion, a young baby, by Wizard Manannan, an evil member of the society of Black Cloak, from his castle to make his slave. As the boy grows to eighteen years old, he will kill him according to the evil wizard’s tradition. Now Gwydion has to get away from the wizard to find a new home for him as his eighteenth birthday was approaching at a fast speed.

While going away from the wizard Gwydion came to know about his actual legacy as Prince Alexander as well as the deteriorating condition of his homeland. He escaped with Llewdor on a ship after defeating the wizard. They were attacked and captured by the pirates on board to make them their slaves. They took them to the island of Treasure where they compelled Alexander to search the old treasure of Seran, the legendary pirate. The pirates sailed towards Daventry when the treasure was successfully found by Alexander. There Alexander fled away successfully and went into the mountains of Daventry to save himself from the schemes of The Father along with the three-headed evil dragon.

Guitar Hero

This video game published by RedOctane and developed by Harmonix is a musical rhythmic video game that was initially released for gaming console PlayStation 2. In the series of Guitar Hero, it is the first video game that was released in North America in November 2005, in Europe in April 2006 and in Australia in June 2006. Harmonix and RedOctane have collaborated to develop this video game for the fans of the game Guitar Freak in America.

The main features of this game include a controller that resembles the shape of a miniature Gibson SG guitar that can be used by the players to play rock music. The player can scroll on the screen of the game by pressing a few buttons on its controller while playing musical notes. The gameplay of this video game includes 30popular rock songs from the 1960s to 2005 along with a few tracks as a bonus. The video game Guitar Hero was praised by critics and earned many awards from major publications of video games which made it a super hit video game of its time. It was also considered as the most powerful game of the 21st century’s first decade. After the success of this game, a franchise of Guitar Hero video games was launched and several sequels were released and various types of game related products and expansions were released to earn over $2 billion from their sales.

Angry Birds

Rovio Entertainment developed this casual puzzle video game in 2009 which was later on marketed as Angry Birds Classic. A stylized sketch of wingless birds has inspired its developer and it was originally released in December 2009 for Maemo and iOS devices. Since then it has been purchased from the iOS App Store by more than 12 million people all over the world. It has encouraged its developer to design it other versions compatible with android, Touchscreen, Windows Phone, BlackBerry phones, Symbian and other smartphones. In the latest version of this game, the developer has included titles to make it compatible with PCs and gaming consoles. Its next version Angry Birds2 was released for android and iOS smartphones in July 2015.

The goal of the gameplay of this game is to destroy all the pigs situated at various locations on the playing field of this game by allowing players to launch angry birds by using a slingshot. As the players proceed further in this game they come across various types of new birds with special capabilities. Players can activate their activities to make this game more challenging and interesting. The developers of this game have also provided a number of free updates to add new content to it. They have also released its promotional versions and standalone holiday versions to promote their game throughout the world.

This video game was praised by the critics from the very beginning due to its comical style, addictive gameplay, and its reasonable price. Later on, Angry Birds was released for gaming consoles and PCs after it became popular in the merchandise market.

Resident Evil 4

Capcom Production Studio has developed Resident Evil 4 as a third-person shooter survival horror video game which was published by Capcom. In the series of Resident Evil, it is the sixth major installment which was originally released in 2005 for the GameCube. Leon S. Kennedy, a special agent of the U.S. government, who is sent on a rescue mission, is controlled by the players. He has to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of U.S. president, who was kidnapped by a faction. Leon has to fight with hordes of villagers in a rural part of Europe. The villagers were infected by a parasite that controlled their mind and he reunites with Ada Wong, a spy.

In 1999, this video game was developed for PlayStation 2 after a long phase of development. During this period 4 of its planned versions were rejected. Initially, its first version was produced by Shinji Mikami and directed by Hideki Kamiya. It was announced to be an exclusive part of Capcom Five as a GameCube but before its release, the release of its version for PlayStation 2 was announced. Then this video game was released for the Wii, Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. For Android, iOS, and Zeebo its downsized version was released.

It was praised by critics for its gameplay, narrative, characters, and voice acting. In 2005, it earned multiple awards as Game of the Year due to its success on various gaming platforms.

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is a video game published by Nintendo and developed by HAL Laboratory as a crossover fighting video game for Nintendo 64. Initially, it was released in January 1999 in Japan, in April 1999 in North America and in November 1999 in Europe as the first game of this series. It is a crossover video game between different franchises of Nintendo. This video game includes locations and characters cast in those franchises to allow the players to use the unique skills of each of those characters to damage the hazardous situations and recover health to knock out the opponents from the stage.

Since its release, Super Smash Bros has mostly received positive reviews which made it commercially successful video game. In 2001, more than 5 million copies of this video game were sold worldwide of which 1.97 million were sold in Japan and 2.93 million were sold in the US. IGN has awarded it for the Best Fighting Game’ with an Editors’ Choice award. It has also received the title of Nintendo 64 Player’s Choice. A series of sequels of this video game was released for every Nintendo console like Melee which was released in 2001 for the GameCube.

Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

It is a racing game that was the first game in this series and was initially released for PlayStation 2 in 2001. Gran Turismo 2000 was the working title of this game during its presentation at E3 2000 and E3 2001. It became one of the best selling video games of all time due to its commercial and critical success. On Gamerankings its average score is 94.54% which made it one of the all-time racing video games with the second highest ratings.

The main purpose of this game is to win all the championships, and races provided in it and achieve all the game completions and complete all the license tests. The players are awarded with a special prize of a car after every completion of 25% of the game. The Gran Turismo Mode is a reorganized layout for this video game as it contains a more progressive and structured arrangement of challenges and races. It offers various types of races varying from short events for beginners to rallying events and multi-hour endurance races against the opponent.


This video game has been published by Sega Corporation and 2K Sports and developed by Visual concepts as an American Football video game. In the series of NFL 2K, it is the sixth installment. Originally this game was released in July 2004 for Xbox and PlayStation 2 gaming consoles. Before an exclusive agreement of rights has been signed between the NFL and Electronic Arts or EA, ESPN NFL 2K5 was the last game developed by Sega in this series. Now Madden series of NFL 2K will be made only by the officially licensed producers i.e. EA.

In this game Chris Berman has hosted a feature, SportsCenter with a franchise mode to outline the games of the present week with Tery Wingo, his co-host. He talks about free-agent deals, trades during the season and talks about his latest injuries. The draft portion of this segment is hosted by Mel Kiper Jr. while reports form sidelines are presented by Suzy Kolber. This game also allows the players to prepare for the next week and make decisions in this regard. The players are also allowed to create their own teams, name tier teams, decide their logos, look and build jerseys and stadium for their teams to make their teams the best of all. The First=person Football feature of this game allows the player to look into the eyes of the players to discuss their on-field experiences. It also has create-a-player mode, a traditional mode normally found in football video games.


2K Australia and 2K Boston later on known as Irrational Games have developed this first-person shooter video game published by 2K Games. It was released in August 2007 for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows as the first game in the series of Bioshock games. But for PlayStation 3 it was released in October 2008 by 2K Marin, Irrational, Digital Extremes, and 2K Australia. For OS X it was released in October 2009 by Feral Interactive. IG Fun developed its scaled-down version by including its first few levels.

Ken Levine, the creative professional of Irrational developed the concept of this game. He included the ideas of utopian thinkers and dystopian of the 20th century like George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Ayn Rand along with historical figures like Walt Disney and John D. Rockefeller.

The gameplay of Bioshock is set in the 1960s in which the protagonist, Jack, is guided by the players. Jack is in an underwater city Rapture, after the crash of his airplane in the ocean near the bathysphere terminus. The city built by Andrew Ryan, a business magnate, was planned to be an isolated place but due to the discovery of a genetic material, ADAM, the decline of the city has started as the material can provide you powers of super human. Jack has to fight with hordes of enemies obsessed with ADAM and deadly iconic figure, Big Daddies, while trying to escape from that city. He also has to fight with some of the sensible humans who have learned from the past of the Rapture. Jack, as a player, can use weapons, and plasmids that can provide him new powers and the defense system of Rapture to defeat his enemies.

Call of Duty 2

It is another first-person shooter video m=game in this list of the all-time best video games. This game was published by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward for almost every region in this world. In the series of Call of Duty, it is the second installment. Though Activision announced its release in April 2005 but it was released for Microsoft Windows in October 2005 and for Xbox 360 in November 2005. However, for other mobile phones like OS X and pocket PCs, it was released later on.

The gameplay of this game is set during WWII and continues through the viewpoint of four soldiers from different armies i.e. one form the US army, one from the Red Army and two from the British army. The campaigns of all the four soldiers are based on 27 missions on the whole which have been divided into three stories. The main features of this game have been changed as well as added from its initial version to make it a new game.

This game is in this list of all time best video games because it has earned praise from critics due to its sound, health regeneration system and graphics. By January 2008 more than 2 million copies and by November 2013 more than 5.9 million copies of this game have been sold out.

Some of the all time best video games have been reviewed in this write-up. Though every precaution has been taken while preparing this list of all-time best video games but if you are not satisfied with it then you can create your own list as it is the matter of personal perspectives.