The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim 2

Review of Game The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim

Like all the great and awesome RPGs, the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls gameplay is a fabulous and a grand enterprise. It is huge when it comes to scale, an absolute breathtaking epic when it comes to the game’s scope and breadth, and will undoubtedly occupy your time’s a very vast quantity. Mild warning: You may lose your sleep, you may also dodge your work and classes, and test the patience of your family and friends while you get lost in this epic game. Okay, so all of these might sound a little exaggerated, but trust us on this – this game is absolutely fantastic and will become your favorite before you realize. Need more reasons? Keep reading.

Oblivion Vs Skyrim!

We believe that this game can cast a huge shadow over this genre for years to come; much like what the game, “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” did when it came out. If you remember, you will recall that Oblivion rose victorious despite the competition from the awesome games like Witcher 2, Mass Effect 2, and Fallout 3. The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim will surely improve upon it and may eventually prove to be better comparatively. The main reason behind that is the fact that not only this game has fantastic magic system, breathtaking graphics, mind blowing action, the best kind of narrative compared to any RPG, this game has also one of the richest, biggest, and most fully immersive worlds that you have ever seen so far. However, it may fall short when you compare its graphics with games like Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3, but it still has a very impressive graphics.

The world inside!

Yet there is something fantastic about the Skyrim’s Nordic lands, which will drag you in its world and won’t let you escape. The rugged mountains, the alpine vistas, gushing waterfalls, and towering pines are magnificently created. The thought and work that went into the game’s art direction made every underground tomb, crumbling ruin, and isolated village feel distinctive and appealing, yet part of few cohesive whole, with a culture, a style, and a history that informs every forged motif and every carving. It is one of the rare games in which the music, sound, and the visuals merge together perfectly into one excellent experience, which will have you in its grip.

Plots and sub-plots!

Skyrim is a game that always encourages exploration. This is a game that has a central point as well as side quests. For example, while turning a corner of one mountain, you may spot one ruin or a camp that demands investigation; you can then play along and get involved in that sub-plot that can be either a serial killer or something dark. In addition to that, this game lets you explore your character as well. For example, there are parts where you can choose to either be a gruff warrior or a sweet talker to get out of the situation. You can side with the Companions or just join the Thieves Guild. These features make the game so vast and the chances of getting carried away so much higher. This is truly an addictive game.


Skyrim continues the work of Oblivion of make the RPG simpler. On the formats of console, combat comes down effectively to the two buttons for trigger, with each of them controlling one hand. Further, you can assign any weapon, shield, or spell to either trigger. You will be able to attack or charge spells and block the incoming blows by holding the trigger. Furthermore, when you combine movements and attacks, you will be able to unleash some mind blowing devastating and different moves.

Interestingly, if you are willing to play as dual-wielding axe warrior or a warrior-mage maniac, it is easy. All you have to do is just assign a weapon and a spell, or any arm that you can choose. You can also set favorites, which will give you an access to the list of the spells that you used most as well as the most-used weapons!

Wrapping up!

We played The Elder Scrolls v Skyrim and we loved it! The game is addictive and will suck you into its majestic and fantastic world. We compared its features with all the similar games and it stands out. We reviewed the game and assure you that this is the best game for you right at this time.

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