The Sims 3

Review of the Sims Video Game 3

The Sims 3 is a completely life-simulation addictive video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and has been delighting fans for the last 10 years since its launch in 2009. One of the important adverts in the release of this game encircles in the fact that the users will experience the role of playing God.

The Sims series has always provided users with an addictive gaming experience and Sims 3 is no exception. It ensures that the fans are glued to their PCs or gaming consoles for hours and hours.

How does the Sims video game work?

If you are unfamiliar with the Sims 3, consider yourself as a controller of a sim. A virtual figure whom you can control the looks, personality, bodily functions, dreams, and aspirations. You have to give a name to your sim and move into a house after you choose what seems best for you. You have to buy furniture and make the walls decorated.

Sims will have their needs like empty their bladders, eat, sleep, bathe, have fun, socialize, etc. It’s a real-life experience converted to simple mechanics. The sims can have babies that cry in the mid-night to have their diaper removed. You can manage their development by proper nourishing and sending them to a physical training center for a workout.

You can help their development by playing chess or sending them to play guitar. Sims earn by working and accumulating what is called simoleans (money) so that they can improve their lifestyle by decorating the house or purchasing a new house. They make friends, go swimming and perform other activities. They also make enemies as well.

They will be engaged in simlish, their speaking language and communicate with others via speech bubbles appearing over the head. It sounds terrible but takes hours to master all the needs with digital playmates of your sims that can keep you glued to the monitor.

Reasons why The Sims is the greatest of all video games:

The Sims allows the players to create families, build their dream house, open a business and living in a society. It gives the user a real-life experience within the Sims universe. There are many aspects that truly make The Sims the greatest and the best of all times. Here are some of the reasons why.

The sims:

The best part of the game revolves around the sims themselves. The sims are those characters in the game which you play as one of them and interact with others. Creating your own sims is an important element as you will be responsible for everything from physical looks to their personality and their outfits.

The chance for creating a character and a family will give you a sense of power and freedom which cannot be experienced in other video games. Although it may not represent exact reality there will be an emotional attachment to that character.

Building new houses:

Another important element of this game is building and decorating a new house. It is exciting and gratifying to build your own dream house although fictional. Sims need to earn their livelihood just like in the real world to harvest fruits so that they can spend them on house decors.

You accumulate enough and spend on the development of your house like owning a swimming pool in your roof. That’s the freedom you will have as a player.

Various expansion packs:

All the players were satisfied with the format but only a few years back they were introduced to the expansion packs. These packs allow the users to explore new elements of life, like relationships and career paths which were not available since its inception.

As time went by, these packs became bigger that allowed players to adopt pets, buy cars, updated outfits, study in a university and many.

History of characters:

An underrated aspect of this gaming platform is the characters living in the Sims universe. Every character has their own back story. For example, The Curious Family has a story that includes gold-digging, adultery, and alien abduction.

The pre-made characters in the sims neighborhood make the game more fantastic.

Wrapping up things:

By using your creativity to make the game more interesting, there are many things to be explored. Now that you have got an idea about The Sims 3, its time for you to get started and experience the fun within this game.

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