Gobliiins 4

Gobliiins 4 Overview

After a long wait of 18 years following the release of Gobliiins, Pierre Gilhodes finally sends the mischievous gnomes on yet another adventure. Like its predecessor, Gobliiins 4 yet again pits three elves that come with various abilities against crazy odds and adventures full of failure and fun. In this adventure, the king sends the gnomes to retrieve his long lost aardvark. So you will get to join Stucco, Perluis, and Tchoup as they venture through 16 different levels that are full of immersive character animations, object puzzles and of course, the trademark garbled goblin conversations that we all love and enjoy

You will get to control all of the three goblin friends at the same time as you send them to different areas and use their skills in different environments. Each goblin has a unique talent. Tchoup, the tinkerer’s power, is the ability to collect items and engage with other beings in the game. Perluis, the mage can use his spells to result in supernatural events. Stucco, the fighter, is the tank who uses brute force to remove and force objects out of the way. The signature artwork and style of the previous Gobliiins game return, but this game marks the introduction of 3D graphics to the series.

Gobliiins 4 Storyline

It is safe to say that the Gobliiins series never had a prominent story, and it is also true that Gobliiins 4 is too short on the plot. On the other hand, the comic-style panels between the different levels negate the lacking plot. The game does not have any narrative cut scenes or introduction cinematics, but its premise is that the Gnomes are helping the king to locate and return the aardvark Riri. Throughout the mission, they end up facing great odds and plenty of obstacles. The lacking story is never going to affect the gameplay. Through the odd tasks, the distracting obstacles, and the puzzle fun, you will always feel that there is a perfect reason for all of your actions.


At the start, you will get an opening menu that is a tutorial. It is the same as one of the levels that you will be playing. You will click on items and get a brief intro on how to control the gameplay and the goblins. You will get an introduction to each goblin’s ability so you can know how to use them. Needless to say, it is not always as easy to figure out which one to use and what to do.

On the other hand, there is a certain sense to the puzzles once you make the connection. The puzzles are unique, and some might say they rely on “dream-logic,” which means you will have to get into the world of the goblin mindset to figure out what to do. The game encourages creative thinking, and it never punishes you for making the wrong move. The potential frustration is lightened through the playful and silly nature of the game. Therefore, whenever you make a mistake, they don’t feel wrong, but they instead feel exploratory.

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