David Cage has “many plans” for Heavy Rain DLC

David Cage has “many plans” for Heavy Rain DLC

Quantic Dream’s David Cage has revealed that he has “many plans” to create DLC for his upcoming PS3 title, Heavy Rain.

When asked in our recent interview (featured in the latest issue of D+PAD) whether there was much scope for DLC in Heavy Rain, Cage replied:

“Honestly, my focus is on putting as much content as possible on the Blu-ray. We have many plans for DLC, but I won’t work on them until the game is finished and fully satisfying. Games are expensive; my focus is to give as much as I can to gamers for their money.”

Cage last teased the possibility of Heavy Rain DLC back in August when he stated to Eurogamer that it was “definitely a possibility.” His latest comments suggest that DLC may definitely be on the way.

To read the full interview with David Cage check out Issue 10 of D+PAD, available to download for free here.

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