Killzone 2 Multiplayer Video Rundown

One of the defining features of Killzone 2’s multiplayer is its dynamic matches, which can throw up a variety of different game types within each round. Here’s a video rundown on what to expect from each of the game types when Killzone 2 launches on PlayStation 3 in February.

Please note that these videos are taken from the multiplayer beta currently underway on PlayStation Network and are not representative of the final game.

It’s kill or be killed in Bodycount, which serves up a classic team-based deathmatch.

Capture & Hold
Capture & Hold is Killzone’s take on King of the Hill, whereby teams fight for control over three points on the map.

Search & Retrieve
As a spin on the more traditional Capture The Flag, Search & Retrieve tasks players with securing a propaganda speaker and returning it to their base.

Search & Destroy
Similar to Call of Duty 4’s mode of the same name, Search & Destroy tasks players with planting explosives at a particular location on the map and defending them until they explode.

Assassination randomly selects one player as a target that one team must kill and the other must desperately defend.

Killzone 2 was released in February 2009 exclusively on PlayStation 3.

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