We will see Jacques Brel in Vesoul… thanks to a giant fresco

A giant fresco depicting the face of Jacques Brel is being realized in Vesoul, a tribute of a city to the one who immortalized it in one of his most famous songs.

The immense face of Jacques Brel slowly appears on a gable of a building in Vesoul, in the working-class district of Montmarin. Directed by urban artist Pink’Art Roz, this giant fresco is a tribute to the singer who immortalized the city in 1968 in a song that became famous all over the world. And Vesoul with it!

The Franc-Comtoise city has never denied this reference, which enabled it to make itself known. There was already a Jacques Brel college, a Jacques Brel music festival, a bronze bust… In a few weeks, there will be an XXL fresco 28 meters high by 12 meters wide which will be visible (among other things) by motorists who take the national road Paris-Belfort.

Brel painted by a woman

With brushes, Pink’Art Roz, a native of Besançon, a graphic designer by training, who is delighted to create this giant work dedicated to a man who was not necessarily known for his feminism. ” A nose foot shape” for this self-taught artist who managed to make a name for herself in a very masculine environment.

“I say to myself ‘I will be a woman who has made the portrait of a gentleman who may have been misogynist’.”
~ Pink’Art Roz

Another source of pride: creating an urban fresco on the walls of a low-cost building in a working-class neighbourhood. A way for the artist to make street art known. ” It makes you want to go even further, to go higher, to do even more, and to paint for people, that’s what guides me a bit too,” says Pink’Art Roz, who is installed on his carrycot 44 metres high.

Vesoul, the new capital of urban art?

This fresco dedicated to Jacques Brel will be inaugurated in September and illuminated at night. It is a way for Vesoul to proudly assume the imprint left by the singer but it is part of a more global artistic approach. The city wants to become “a reference place for urban art in all its forms” says the mayor of the city, Alain Chrétien.

With this in mind, the ECAU was created, translate Espace contemporain d’art urbain de Haute-Saône. Among his projects: the transformation of a former locomotive shed into a street art center and perhaps the opening of a current music hall in the cellars of the music school.