They made the news. Clara Luciani, the victory by singing

8 February 2019. Clara Luciani won a Victory of the Music at the ceremony held at the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt. At 26 years old, the singer is awarded in the category “Revelation scene”.

In recent months, Clara Luciani has made the most of her growing fame. She has given numerous concerts and is one of the most programmed artists in the summer festivals.

Every night a new scene

Almost every evening, the singer discovers a new stage, a new audience. An exciting and exhausting travelling life, she says today. ‘ It’s a bit unmanageable, we don’t have much time for ourselves but at the same time it gives the impression of a long summer of summer camp,” explains Clara Luciani, whose family and the South of France are very much missing.

The Olympia in the autumn

But the singer now leads an exalted life that she adores. The second album of which Clara Luciani has already begun writing will also speak of love, as the first. But before that, the singer continues her tour of festivals, a tour that will take her for the next few weeks in Belgium, in the Creuse, in Corsica, before two dates in the Olympia, in the fall.