The empire of the shows. “The Boys” and anti-hero beasts and villains

An eight-episode series about a world where superheroes became intellectual property of a conglomerate and lost all sense of justice. Available this summer on the Amazon video platform.

It’s the summer superhero series. They’re dumb, mean, full of their personality, but they have super powers. The boys, the new Amazon series, continues all these antipathic superhero shows and movies, but we had rarely gone so far in their misanthropy.

Superheroes for whom #metoo does not exist
The boys is an adaptation of a staggered American comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. A pastiche of Stan Lee superheroes portrayed as crooks. The story unfolds in a contemporary world where the many superheroes live in the midst of the people. The best are hired by a conglomerate that plays social networks to turn them into idols and monetize this popularity. Only these supermen are often corrupt, irresponsible, sometimes criminal. And Anne, their new recruit, will discover that she literally has to give of herself to win a piece of the pie.

The Boys who give the title to the show, it’s not these superheroes, but a group of men led by a CIA agent who will try to unmask them, even if it means kidnapping them.Among them, a victim: Hugh, a young electronics store salesman who saw his girlfriend shredded by mistake by A train, the super heros who runs at the speed of light, caricature of bodybuilded rap star.

Trash, bloody and rhythmic
It’s a small thing to say that this show the Boys is trash. Superhero exploded into pieces, another one turns into a disgusting personality, another with quite developed sexuality… The hyper-rhythmic series written by Eric Kripke benefits from amazing special effects, with a fast pace.It offers a lucid look behind the scenes of an industry that resembles a degenerate entertainment industry. A funny, cynical series that will make you spend an unforgettable moment but not to put before all eyes.