Summer Polars. “Son Vrai Visage”, by Karin Slaughter

All summer long, Gilbert Chevalier returns to the best black novels, policemen and thrillers of the year. Today, “Her True Face” by Katryn Slaughter published by Harper Collins Noir.

A meal at a restaurant between a mother and her daughter. The intrusion of an armed maniac and the unexpected reaction of this mother who kills this dangerous intruder as a true professional of violence. Before the eyes of the girl who obviously wonders about the true personality of this suddenly strange mother.

This is the starting point of this novel which takes us into the secret and unsettled past of this mother. The novel then takes place between two periods today and 1986.

A past at the heart of terrorism

Sabrina Arab is Deputy Editorial Director of Happer Collins France: “We are going to discover Laura’s past and trace her history and understand the reasons why she found herself involved in these activities that are close to terrorism. And in parallel his daughter who will leave at the same time as us on his tracks and understand at the same time the necessity of this secret.”

It starts very quickly and continues at the same pace with a lot of efficiency as a lot of American crime writers do. Sometimes too much. But Karin Slaughter also installs a very controlled atmosphere and draws his characters with precision.

Denounce violence against women

And the novel rightly explores the mother-daughter relationship, political activism and sectarian embrigation. ” What is at the heart of the novel is really the grip, says the editorial director. The consequences of the exploitation of ideals by sects. The violence that will come out of all this and how one day, one can find oneself under someone’s thumb and watch one’s life change.”

This novel by Karin Slaughter shows a strong feminine sensibility where men do not appear in the foreground. ” The subjects he cares about are extremely topical today. It always portrays combative, resilient, powerful women,” explains Sabrina Arab.

“Karin Slaughter is one of the rare authors of black crime fiction, a woman, to portray violence in an extremely realistic way.”
~ Sabrina Arab in franceinfo

“She does not call herself a feminist writer. Instead, she says that violence against women must be represented in books. It was really one of the first to do so and I think that through this prism, you can read a lot of his books.”

The 572 pages of His True Face read with envy. As if to remind us, we French readers, that Karin Slaughter is a sure value of the detective novel and that she sells millions of books around the world.