[11 Apr 2014 | 3 Comments]
Weapon Shop De Omasse

When the Guild 01 game design experiments were released on the 3DS, the West were missing one game, possibly the one which sounded the most interesting, no easy feat when one game has you playing the mech-flying teenage girl president of New Japan as she takes on killer robots and another has the player control a child in a small town near Tokyo where kaiju attack every Friday. In Weapon Shop De Omasse you play the young clerk of a weapon rental shop in a fantasy jRPG. Some of you will instantly be running to the eShop at that concept, I certainly was. The rest will wonder how that can even be a game. Read the full story »


[18 Mar 2014 | 3 Comments]

The most recent entry in the Thief series was met with significant criticism prior to its launch for the changes made to what was perceived as a good existing formula. As someone who had not played the previous games, I entered this title with no preconceptions or high or low expectations. The result was a significantly flawed game – sometimes entertaining, with good ideas to be had, but mired by an uninspiring story, uneven design and frequent glitches that ruined the atmosphere and aesthetic. Read the full story »


[18 Mar 2014 | 4 Comments]
Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Having won over the world and his dog with the lovable tower-defence antics of Plants Vs Zombies (around 25 million copies sold across all manner of platforms), developer PopCap came a cropper last year when it took the freemium route for the long-awaited release of PvZ2. Given the game cost nothing, downloads quickly surpassed the life-time record set by its predecessor; but the developer, along with publisher EA, also reaped a whirlwind of internet fury, with long-term fans outraged that the original’s gentle learning curve and well-judged upgrade/unlock mechanism had been sacrificed on the altar of monetisation and ‘pay to win’. (The fact that PvZ2 also built upon the original’s core gameplay in some other more interesting ways was rather lost in the fracas.) Read the full story »


[18 Mar 2014 | No Comments]
Earth Defence Force 2025

Seven years have passed since Earth Defence Force 2017, when the EDF heroically defended the Earth from an invasion of aliens and giant insects. And now it’s time for them to it all again in Earth Defence Force 2025 (let’s just ignore the maths there – the game repeatedly refers to a seven year gap since the last case of giant insect infestation), because insects are sprouting out of the ground and aliens are dropping out of the sky. But defeating the rampaging hordes of giant aliens and giant insects isn’t the EDF’s crowning achievement. The crowning achievement is doing so in a game that makes such a ridiculous achievement feel incredibly dull. Read the full story »


[19 Feb 2014 | 3 Comments]
Dark Souls II Preview

The best way to experience Dark Souls 2 is to play it from scratch, completely blind to what is coming in terms of level design and challenges; for this reason, this preview will comprise two clearly defined sections. The first will focus on those details which do not relate to exact game events, instead highlighting those mechanical changes that set it apart from its predecessor. The second will be a series of reflections on the gameplay experienced during the three-hour preview session I was a part of, going into more detail about the exact progression of levels and aesthetic. Read the full story »