[16 Jul 2014 | 4 Comments]
The Wolf Among Us

Now that the first season of Telltale’s adaptation of the Fables graphic novel is finally complete, I wanted to write a follow up to the initial review of episodes 1 and 2 that ran a few months back on the site and take a view on the series as a whole. So did the story manage to maintain the early momentum? And were Telltale able to stick the landing? Read the full story »


[7 Jul 2014 | No Comments]
Monument Valley

The world is wrong. Some kind of disaster has taken place and as Princess Ida, you have to navigate a land of broken towers to find your way to forgiveness. Read the full story »


[7 Jul 2014 | One Comment]

Transistor, Supergiant Games’ follow-up to the hugely acclaimed Bastion, can be seen as a refinement of its predecessor; it is a similar isometric action-RPG, with similar mechanics, challenge rooms, modular upgrades and difficulty mods. It even has a similar aesthetic/narrative design, with an omnipresent narrator making up for a mute protagonist. Yet calling it a simple science-fiction themed refinement of Bastion’s theme is underselling it significantly; it is a more ambitious, more tactical and much more challenging title. Read the full story »


[5 Jul 2014 | No Comments]
Valiant Hearts: The Great War

When someone mentions wartime gaming, it’s all too likely that your mind will immediately shift to the likes of Call of Duty, Battlefield and a few other big-budget shooters that news channels try to rag on at their first convenience. It’s far less likely that you’ll think of an adventure that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking in the way its themes are handled. Thankfully, gamers now have another artful feather to add to their ‘Journey-esque’ bow thanks to Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a game which recounts the personal toll of war and its callous nature towards human life. Read the full story »


[26 Jun 2014 | No Comments]
Grid Autosport Preview

Grid Autosport is a racing game which largely eschews the hype and bombast of motor-racing as a sport; it downplays the celebrity and the ostentation and focuses entirely, through a sparseness of design, on the racing itself. Thus arguably it is much more purely simulationist than most games; it has minimal narrative (complete races to challenge more capable opponents), a simple and functional user interface and most importantly minimal downtime between events. Getting from race to race is almost seamless, and this – in an era of complex user interfaces that can be difficult to navigate owing to too many decorative elements – is a virtue of the game. Read the full story »