Not to be missed series in August

Even in the summer, the series marathon doesn’t stop. The month of August 2019 is loaded with releases; expected seasons or exciting news. Selection.

No vacation for serial enthusiasts. This August 2019 marks the return of several series expected, such as the third season of 13 Reasons Why, but also some new creations, such as The Righteous Gemstones, on HBO.

Mindhunter, season 2

Netflix has just unveiled the trailer of the second season of the psychological thriller and policeman Mindhunter, available on August 16 on the platform. This scary trailer announces new episodes loaded with chills.

We find the two FBI investigators, Holden Ford and Bill Tench, who are still trying to understand and apprehend the functioning of the sociopaths that are rampant across the country. Whereas in the 1960s, profiling does not exist, these two agents – brilliantly supported by psychologist Wendy Carr – are developing revolutionary methods to obtain answers.

Charles Manson, BTK and Atlanta Killing

For this new season, new criminals are on the radar. One sees Charles Manson, guru of a sect called the “family”, at the origin of many massacres perpetrated in the 1960s. Her followers are notably responsible for the savage murder of actress Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski’s ex-wife, while pregnant.Charles Manson and Sharon Tate (performed by Margot Robbie) can also be seen in Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino’s new feature film, in theatres on August 14.

In this new season, we also find the one who nicknamed himself BTK (for Bind, Torture, Kill – tied up, torture, kill), born Dennis Rader, terrifying American serial killer. The perpetrator of ten murders between the 1970s and 1990s, he was only arrested in 2005 after years of provocation against the police.

Investigators are also investigating the case of “Son of Sam,” his real name David Berkowitz, a serial killer who terrorized New York City for years.

Finally, the trailer suggests that the new episodes of the series, co-directed by David Fincher and Charlize Theron, will revolve around a series of murders committed in Atlanta. Between 1979 and 1981, 28 African-Americans, mostly children or teenagers, were killed.

The first and last episodes will be directed by David Fincher, the director of Fight Club, Gone Girl or even Seven, specialist of the genre. As for the rest of the episodes, Andrew Dominik and Carl Franklin are behind the camera.

Dear White People, Season 3

In the middle of August, it’s back to school for Winchester students, who are returning for a third season. In this beloved American university, identity conflicts are the rhythm of student life. African-American students – who live in a white and bourgeois environment – organize to make their voices heard and denounce the racism that surrounds them.

On the front line is brilliant Samantha White, who runs a radio show called “Dear White People”. As the trailer indicates, it is now her friend Joelle who takes the controllers of the program engaged. And that doesn’t seem to be the only change the campus will face.

Modern and substantial themes

This series, adapted from a homonymous film released in 2014 (itself from a book), approaches with intelligence and dynamism various modern and substantial themes, through characters full of reliefs, and often in search of identity (sexual, cultural, professional, or even social).

Each episode (called chapters, ten per season) is dedicated to a character. This process makes it possible to nuance the positions taken, to understand the problems in their complexity and with perspective.

Humour and sometimes even lightness – typical of the series that take place on campus – do not take anything away from the political message carried by the committed creator of the series, Justin Simien.

The Righteous Gemstones, Season 1

On August 19, OCS broadcasts an original series, The Righteous Gemstones. Created, written, produced and performed by Danny Mcbride (Eastbound and Down, Vice Principals), the series features a rich family of American televangelists, the Gemstones.

The patriarch, played by the excellent John Goodman (seen in The Big Lebowski), is a scoundrel star determined to remain at the head of his empire. He finds himself threatened by his first son, Jesse, played by Danny Mcbride himself.The elder wants to come out of his father’s shadow and become a world star in turn.

The family is complemented by a second brother, Kelvin, played by Adam Devine, and a sister, Judy (Edi Patterson), a woman who is restrained in a very masculine, even masculinist clan.

Money, weapons and religion

The series is already creating controversy across the Atlantic. While she makes a mockery of religion, her co-producer Jody Hill also announced that it included many scenes of male nudity.

Danny Mcbride has already justified himself in the American media by saying that “the goal is not to dismantle anything. These are hypocrites, people who present themselves in one way and act in another. I don’t think this is unique to the world of religion, but simply to the world in which we live”.

Money, weapons, religion and greedy and dishonest characters… So many elements gathered in the first season, composed of 9 episodes, which promises to be a crazy American comedy.

13 Reasons Why, Season 3

This is good news for the (many) fans of the show. The Netflix platform has just announced that the third season of 13 Reasons Why will be available as of August 23. A first trailer was published, lifting the veil on the plot of these new episodes.

It’s the voice of the late Hannah Baker; who commits suicide in the first season, commenting on the disturbing images. ” I can tell you one thing about the students at Liberty High, they are bound by their secret, bound and forever transformed.

After many controversies, linked to a possible increase in the suicide rate after the broadcast of the series, Netflix decided, two years after its broadcast, to suppress the scene in which Hannah Baker ends her life by slitting her wrists.

New death, new riddle

It is a safe bet that this new season of the successful teen series is still moving away from Hannah’s character to focus on other young people, and their well-kept secrets.

In this dark trailer, we see Clay, Justin and Jessica, surrounded by their friends, at the funeral of Bryce Walker, their high school classmate and important character of the show. ” Who killed Bryce Walker?” questions the trailer. Answer on 23 August.

As for the rest, Netflix has already announced that there will be a fourth season, focused on graduating and finishing high school.