Jean-Claude Bouttier: friend of Alain Delon, actor at Lelouch

The famous boxer who died on August 3 was a friend of actor Alain Delon. It was the latter who organized one of his mythical fights against the Argentinean Carlos Monzon.

Jean-Claude Bouttier, boxer and European Middle Weight Champion, died this Saturday, August 3 at the age of 74, announced his friend journalist Charles Biétry on Twitter. “Jean-Claude Bouttier, defeated by the disease, has left us today. The boxer had distinguished himself by his titles as European champion and his mythical battles against Monzon. The consultant had made boxing live on Canal +. The friend leaves us a huge void”, he writes. Champion of France in 1971, the boxer remained particularly famous for his clashes with the Argentinean Carlos Monzon, the reigning world champion. Their first fight was held on June 17, 1972 in Colombes. Monzon struck Jean-Claude Bouttier in the eye. The latter withdrew because of internal bleeding.

A fight organized by Alain Delon

It is his friend, actor Alain Delon, who organizes a revenge. ” The second world championship, it was set up thanks to Alain Delon. Who, it should be known, is very cocorico”, testified Jean-Claude Bouttier in an interview with the Team. “And then, he had in front of him a little guy who was apprenticed butcher. He was an apprentice butcher. He had a lot of esteem, a lot of respect. He even invited me to his home so that I could prepare in the best conditions this world championship”, explained the boxer.

Jean-Claude Bouttier spends several weeks in the actor’s residence in Douchy, in the Loiret, to prepare this face-to-face with Carlos Monzon. The two boxers met on September 23, 1973 at the Roland Garros stadium. Once again, Monzon won. ” We were not far away but Monzon was stronger than me”, commented Jean-Claude Bouttier.

A brief career as an actor

In 1974, the French boxer put an end to his career, after his defeat against the British Kevin Finnegan. 1975 is the year of his conversion: he starts organizing boxing fights and creates his own clothing brand. In the early 1980s, he began a (very) brief career as an actor. The champion appears on the poster of Claude Lelouch’s film, Les Uns et les autres, a large fresco following the fate of four families from 1936 to the 1980s. The film is named for Cannes and Les Césars. Even on screen, Jean-Claude Bouttier (aka Philippe Rouget in the film) uses his fists.