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LittleBigPlanet Beta Key Giveaway!
[ 25/09/2008 | 14:19 | 406 Comments ]

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The 20 best gaming related videos on YouTube
[ 11/08/2008 | 14:21 | 10 Comments ]

According to Wikipedia there are almost 100 million videos on YouTube, so finding twenty of the best gaming-related vids was never going to be an easy task. But hidden amongst the droves of self-important tat are moments of pure gold. These are some of the best.

Vote for D+PAD!
[ 21/07/2008 | 17:43 | 6 Comments ]

The nominations for this year’s Games Media Awards are currently being taken into consideration, and so we have a favour to ask; vote for D+PAD Magazine!
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E3: The Missing Games
[ 17/07/2008 | 17:15 | One Comment ]

Looking at comments posted across gaming forums the world over, it’s clear that both gamers and journalists alike were let down by this year’s E3. We had all hoped to see some big announcements, shocking revelations and some stunning demonstrations of big name sequels. But it wasn’t to be.
Here are the games that we had hoped to see, but didn’t.