American writer Toni Morrison, Nobel Prize winner in literature, died at the age of 88

With her novels “The Song of Solomon” and “Beloved”, she brought a new tone to African-American literature.

African-American writer Toni Morrison, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993, died, announced her editor on Twitter, Tuesday, August 6. The novelist was 88 years old. She “died peacefully last night, surrounded by family and friends”, announced her family in a statement. The text states that Toni Morrison died in a New York hospital after a short illness.

Born Chloé Ardella Wofford in Lorain, Ohio, Toni Morrison was best known for his critically acclaimed novel Beloved, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988. His other memorable novels include Jazz (1992) and Paradise (1997), the three books forming an iconic trilogy on African-American history.

Beloved was the subject of a film adaptation in 1998, carried by Oprah Winfrey, for the occasion actress and producer, and directed by Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia). Well received by the critics, the film has however failed to attract the public to the dark halls.

Nobel Prize in 1993

“Novels characterized by a visionary force and poetic vitality”, which “gave life to an essential aspect of American reality”. This is how the Swedish Academy described the work of the American Toni Morrison at the presentation of her Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993. She became the first black woman to receive this award. ” In October, a friend artist left me a message (…) ‘My dear sister’, she said, ‘the prize you received is also ours and could not have been put in better hands’,’ the author says during the banquet.

In his Nobel acceptance speech, Toni Morrison reflects on the power of the work of fiction, which she believes is not to distract but to transmit knowledge. ‘ The language of oppression represents much more than violence; it is violence itself; it represents much more than the limits of knowledge; it limits knowledge itself”, she went on to say.

Writing despite the drama

His latest novel, God Help the Child, was published in 2015. The novelist has “written in the most difficult moments,” Vulture says, including after her son’s death in 2010. ” I stopped writing until I started to think he would be really upset if he thought he had made me stop,’ Morrison told Interview magazine when she published her ninth novel, Home, in 2012.

Toni Morrison supported Barack Obama’s candidacy in 2008 and 2012. The first black president of the United States decorated him in 2012 with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.On his Twitter account, the former president described the writer as a “national treasure”, calling his writing a “magnificent challenge full of meaning for our conscience and our moral imagination”.