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Established in June 2007 by David Scammell, D+PAD Magazine began as an independent British-based PDF gaming magazine offering print-quality copy and design in one free and easy download. In 2009, D+PAD was acquired by GamerZines, the publishers of several free PDF games magazines. D+PAD now offers independent editorial on the site.

Our team are knowledgeable and passionate gamers, with a history that stretches from the halcyon of the Atari 2600, through the classic console-wars of the mid-90s (because X360 vs PS3 has nothing on the SNES vs Mega Drive playground battles!) right up to the the final days of the PS3 and 360 era.

D+PAD places great emphasis on the written word’s ability to explain what makes a certain game – and gaming in general – so vital.

D+PAD is slowly gathering momentum now. We don’t specialise in news. There are other sites for that. We look to provide you with in-depth reviews, insightful editorials, and much more. For the remainder of 2013 we hope to bring you some exclusive features, as well as reviews of the games that will define the final days of this console generation, and the early days of the Next Gen. This will stretch from the biggest budget Triple-A games to the smallest bedroom-coded indie games.

Welcome on board!

- The D+PAD Team.


Current Contributors:
Zoheir Beig, Chris Braithwaite, Charles Etheridge-Nunn, Sean Evans, Chris Morell, Dave Stuart, Raymond Webster

Past Contributors:
Nick Akerman, Richard Angus, James Bowden, Martin Gaston, Ross Hawkes, Tom Hoggins, Emily Knox, Greg Latham, Stuart Leech, John Meadowcroft, Graham Naunton, Simeon Paskell, Emmet Purcell, Ashton Raze, Richard Rohani, David Scammell, Rhys Simons, Paul Watson.