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Nintendo 3DS – less versatile than the DS?

13:4922/06/2010Posted by Simeon Paskell3 Comments

Nintendo’s recently announced 3DS has been gaining nothing but praise from developers, journalists and gamers alike. Nintendo look to have created a system that is at the cutting edge of technology, while intelligently building on its predecessor. However, could it be that it’s not all a bed of roses? Once you’ve wrapped your head around the joyous experiences that will be offered by the system’s 3D screen and increased specs, and breathed a sigh of relief that Nintendo have finally chosen to put analogue controls on their hand-held, a small flicker of doubt can creep into to view.

Despite the advancements, could the 3DS actually prove to be less versatile than the humble old DS and DSi?

Think about the DS and its games catalogue for a second – this is a system that, since it’s very conception, was built around the concept of versatility; offering new ways to play and new tools for designers to use. It hosts games that require you to use the sylus, the d-pad, combinations of both and, at times, to flip the device on it’s side, holding it like a book.

This latter method of play in particular could problematic for the 3DS. With a 3D screen that requires you to hold the device at a particular angle and distance away from your eyes in order to get the 3D effect, the ‘book’ style of play may be essentially removed from the equation. While this may be easy to over look – we will, after all, be gaining increased processing power, tilt sensors and an analogue stick – what could the impact of this be on the types of games that the 3DS can host? Will we see less innovation, as developers are drawn to simply dazzling you with 3D visuals? Will the touch screen be relegated to being an afterthought or purely a screen to host maps and stats, as the visual WOW! of the top screen and comfort of the analogue nub come to the fore?

While we’re still massively enthusiastic about the system, and only time will tell if the above concerns are valid…we can’t shake the feeling that Nintendo’s shift towards visual innovation may not necessarily be the win/win situation that you might think.

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  • Eric said:

    “the ‘book’ style of play may be essentially removed from the equation.”–
    This is not likely to happen…there is a slider on the side where you can increase, decrease and negate the 3D effects…so this function will be usable.

    I believe that this is the true evolution of the DS- I currently own a DS lite…never wanted to upgrade to DSi because it never offered anything that was value-worth for me…This system on the other hand has a larger capacity for saving–which means better games to download and apparently you can store multiple cartridge games onto the harddrive…so no more carrying around games…better graphic capabilities.. etc.

    The 3D will only be value added—if and only if publishers use and utilize in a fashion that adds value…you can put anythign in 3D..but to make it have a use is where people will begin to say WOW.

    PS..This is a day one buy for most Nintendo fans..including myself.

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