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Fight Club: Kratos Vs Dante

20:1020/05/2010Posted by Chris Morell2 Comments

Fight Club: The Ghost of Sparta V The Son of Sparda.

In a first for D+Pad, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of gaming’s brightest and most influential stars, then pitting them against one another in a series of rounds. In Fight Club, we will be attempting to answer that age-old question – ‘who would win?’ Whether their skills lie in the magical realm or in deft use of a sword, each fighter will be judged on their merits and/or weaknesses before a winner is declared. This week, it’s the turn of Devil May Cry’s gun toting, demon-slaying Dante to swagger confidently into the ring. He’ll need every power at hand given such stiff competition – the earth-shattering destroyer of Gods himself, the mighty Kratos.


Fans of the DMC series will know that our feather-haired hero is no slouch in the power department, frequently taking on some of the underworld’s most despicable villains. Bloody marionettes, gladiatorial lizards and a plethora of other demon spawn continue to fall to his blade, all in the name of saving the world from tyrannical rule. As we’ve heard many times, Dante is the son of the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda – so he’s actually a half-breed himself, which would explain why we frequently see him with a blade jammed through his ribs only to get back up a few seconds later.

The former general of a Spartan army, Kratos has seen more bloodshed in his backstory than Dante will in his entire career. With unbridled fury and a complete disrespect for life, this anti-hero spells death for all who oppose him. Kratos took down the God of War after all – only now he’s set his sights on all of Olympus. To be fair, he’s usually mortal and can’t survive a massive blade through the ribs, though it hardly matters when the realm of Hades fails so miserably in its attempts to hold him. Hardy, powerful and relentless, Kratos wins out in the physical strength department due to his brute force and complete inability to just stay dead.


Dante’s move list is more robust than that of the Spartan, with the likes of the Stinger and Round Trip forming the foundations for a host of other upgrades. He also has use of four combat styles, with an aggressive focus such as Gunslinger or a passive one like Royal Guard at full disposal and available on the fly. Throw in his inherited Devil Trigger form and you truly have a force to be reckoned with.

For Kratos, magical abilities are the order of the day, nearly all of which have been taken from the Gods of Olympus themselves. Powers such as Atlas Quake can annihilate anything in a certain radius while Zeus’ fury adds just that little bit more electricity to the fight. Kratos also has access to the Rage of the Titans or Rage of Sparta, providing him with a boost in power and durability when the situation calls. This one is almost too close to call, though we’ll go out on a limb and say that Kratos has the slight edge, not least because of the 300-inspired Army of Sparta summon.

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  • Richdad said:

    Oh my god dante head is chopped off.

  • groooan said:

    (sighs) when will people learn that the only to kill Dante is no way the only reason he CAN die in the games is because otherwise it wouldn,t be very fun remember what virgil did to him in number 3 he didnt even have a scar afterwards

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