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Sucker Punch: “We love Sony”

13:2313/05/2009Posted by David Scammell13 Comments

Talking to D+PAD in a recent interview, Sucker Punch Co-founder Bruce Oberg has expressed his team’s fondness for Sony.

When asked why Sucker Punch had chosen to remain loyal to PlayStation rather than go multiplatform, Oberg replied:

“We love Sony. They’ve given us the freedom and resources to create a line of very special titles, from the Sly Cooper series to inFamous.”

“And the PlayStation 3 is an incredible machine. By focusing on one platform, we’ve been able to squeeze performance out of our engine and deliver a really special experiences to PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 owners.”

Though an independent company, Sucker Punch has worked exclusively with Sony since 2000 to produce the Sly Cooper series and more recently inFamous, an open-world superhero game that launches on PlayStation 3 at the end of the month.

But the question is, do you love Sony as much as Sucker Punch do? Click here to read the rest of our exclusive interview with Bruce.

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  • Dylan said:

    Fuck yeah, I love Sony!!!

    *kisses his PS3*

  • Tom said:

    I most certainly do, no game hardware company holds more of my favorite games then the Playstation brand (though Nintendo is a close second). Though on that note I love Sucker Punch’s games as well and can’t wait for inFamous.

  • Keith K said:

    I’ve bought into every PlayStation platform to date and have never been disappointed.

    Sony has matured the game industry as I’ve matured with it. Nintendo remains locked in a perpetual inner-struggle of pediatrics and geriatrics.

    Microsoft and Apple are definitely making marks on the industry, but they’re mostly cuts and bruises.

    <3 Sony

  • trolo said:

    Fuck yeah !!!
    I L O V E S O N Y ! ! !

  • Grave_Harry said:

    I love Sony and Sucker Punch =P. Beat that.

  • alex c said:

    agree sony always comes out on top, x box is only winning the sales war because everybody who owns one has had 3. (they break)

    now the thing is, ive had a psone, they break, had 2, infact, had an n64 after, sony won that war…

    had a dreamcast,..then a ps2.. ps2 broke, (they break as well..
    (they later fixed this up, and then relased the slim, which was far better)

    sony won that war, but i didnt have a ps2 for most of it cos it broke, everybody else had one..i brought an xbox a year or 2 after launch….ps2 was still tearing away….

    360 launched a year after i brought my console and felt cheated i only had a 4 year life span on that console, of which i had 2 years of, or less infact….

    now wishing….as lot of people reading this..will ahve thought…i wish i just stuck with my psone..then ps2..then p3s..

    for the simple reason, they dont break, and they always win in the end. so you get the longest (and best i might add) support throught the consoles life, isnt that what we all want>?

  • May-be ba-be said:

    Well, seeing as how Sony gives me creative control over my games…. oh, wait.

  • PS3 said:


  • name said:

    HELL NO i hate sony.
    only because they make me wait so friggin long for there titles compare to the US.
    R2 US date november 4th AU date november 28
    deamon souls AU TBA
    quore AU TBA
    psn titles AU TBA seriously the US PSN has like tripple the content that the AU PSN has.
    and iceing on the cake.
    im paying almost double for every ps3 game i buy compare to US.
    most ps3 games US $60 AU $120 ATM 60US is arround $80 AU so were being ripped off 40 bucks per game i normaly buy 4 or 5 games a month add that up per month thats A HELLL of ALOT of MONEY.
    per console US $400 AU $700 so were paying arround $200 more for each console.
    and now the punch to the gut NO uncharted 2 beta US only NO infamous demo till late may, US got it first week in may its closeing soon but AU STILL HASENT GOT IT.
    and now the kick in the balls infamous (wich im absolutly duying to play canot wait just wana freeze myself)US release may 26th europe may 29th Australia june the 13th.
    so i pay $40 more for MOST games, i pay MORE for the console and i STILL have to wait longer WTF

  • Исполнитель said:

    Люди киньте плиз линк на оригинал!

  • Zitmefassaxia said:

    Пока красота спасёт мир, уроды его погубят

  • Ипотека said:

    Пост неплохой, добавлю сайт в закладки.

  • axskidkbdy said:

    В принципе, афтар удачно накреативил.

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