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SCEE announce new Jak & Daxter

16:0501/04/2009Posted by David Scammell7 Comments

SCEE has announced that a new Jak & Daxter game will release later this year on PSP and PS2.

Titled Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, the game picks up from where the original trilogy left off, with Jak and furry friend Daxter teaming up with Kiera on her quest to become a Sage and save their world from the threat of darkness.

As well as the series’ usual on-foot platforming, the game will also include five different aircraft allowing players to blast airborne enemies and battle sky pirates with your powerful Gunstaff – a brand-new weapon that can transform into other new weapons.

The Lost Frontier is currently being developed by High Impact Games, the team that previously developed Secret Agent Clank.

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier releases this Autumn, and just in case you were wondering, this isn’t an April Fools joke. Check out the first screens below.

[album: http://www.dpadmagazine.com/screens/lastfrontier/]

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  • Brylon said:

    Isn’t that the Blog’s April Fool’s joke?

  • Matthew said:

    I would rather Sony announce the PS3 Jak and Daxter

  • Krazeecain said:

    I was actually hoping that this was an april fools joke, from what i can tell from the 3 pics, it looks like sh!t. Oh and gunstaff? seriously? geez… The Jak and Daxter trilogy was one of my favorite series, I really hope they don’t screw it up…

  • saminseattle said:

    Oh…it’s for PSP and PS2… That’s cool but I wont be getting it. I’m waiting for a new Jak on PS3.

  • Jerome Gordon said:

    Why would SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe) announce Jak and Daxter 4 when Naughty Dog is the developer for it, which is stationed in Santa Monica, California, which falls under SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America.) And its only for the Ps2 and PsP? You mean to tell me that after five years, Sony is unable to put this on the Ps3 for what ever reason? And yea, it looks like you have screenshots, but honestly those screen shots look like crap. Looks like someone has been photoshoping their ass off for this. Now that I think of it, you may only said it was coming to the Ps2/Psp because you (or one of your associates) coudln’t photoshop a picture with so much quality to make it look like unique Ps3 game.

    Yea I know you even said it wasn’t a April Fools joke, but this just seems very fishy.

  • Eggo Waffle said:

    Naught Dog is with SCEA…and they’re working on uncharted 2 right now so I HIGHLY doubt this is true. Definately an April fool’s joke, nice try

  • Jakatak said:

    you people don’t pay attention. it’s High Impact who is doing this game and they also did the daxter game for PSP 3 years ago. they have done ratchet and clank size matters as well. you wait and see how these guy F*ck it up just like they did for secret agent clank. I don’t believe it’s a joke. Naughty Dog doesn’t publish for PSP and they are far too busy to do Jak and Daxter themselves. sadly I am a huge fan of the original trilogy but i just know without a doubt that High Impact is going to f*ck this series up the ass as much as possible. sadly I wouldn’t hold my breath for a PS3 Jak and daxter even though that would just be a good move. oh and just in case you all forget Naughty Dog announced that they were only looking to develop Uncharted for the PS3 as they are going after a more mature audience. top it all off if you have ever played any of high impacts previous games on PSP you’ll notice how close these screens look to game like Secret agent clank and R&C size matters.

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