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Resident Evil 6 “could take up to 8 years”

20:0724/03/2009Posted by David Scammell202 Comments

Speaking to The Gadget Show’s Jason Bradbury, Resident Evil 5’s producer Masachika Kawata has revealed that Resident Evil 6 could be in development for up to eight years.

When asked by The Gadget Show whether the timeframe between Resident Evil 5 and 6 will be similar to that of 4 and 5, Kawata replied:

“We haven’t decided whether we’re going to make Resident Evil 6 yet. But if we do, it could take anywhere up to eight years, but hopefully only four.”

Resident Evil 5 released just under two weeks ago, and while we didn’t think it was quite as good as Resi 4, its spot at the top of the charts proved that you all love it.

And with Capcom claiming that Resi 5 set the franchise up for a new direction, a sixth has to be on the cards, doesn’t it?

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  • china said:


  • ic weiner said:

    what? gears of war 2 only took 2 yrs and its amazing they can do it too

  • Gus Jones said:

    Well, Gears of War 2 is on the same Engine as GoW1 – modded yes, but the same engine. Whereas Capcom like to have a new engine for each new Resident Evil game. So basically the next game will be on their next generation engine, just like DMC4 and RE5 were on teh same engine.

    Chances are They’ll announce a new Resi in teh works either next year or in two years time and it’ll be finished 3-4 years after that. :P

  • ostia! said:

    this one would really look fuking awesome on a ps4

  • Anthony said:

    I read in the may issue of the official playstation mag that 4 player’s coop is not out of the question in future installments. That would be a bit hectic though i think they found a good balence with the 2 player coop and should stick with it. Maybe put a 4 player coop in mercs mode but 4 players in the story with 4 characters having to have lines in cutscenes, and 2 extra people to divide ammo between it just would not work. I know they will have improved graphics thats a given. Characters are a thing to given they just used chris in re5, and leon was in re4 i’m expecting a female protagonist next round. Jill, claire, and let’s not forget rebecca i’d love to see her in another game. they might decide to use carlos he would continue the trend of badass male leads, and he could make a good lead character. i would prefer one of the girl’s i mentioned though i miss playing as them.

  • lewis said:

    Come on 8 years maybe 4 i cant wait that long dammm it takes the mick and it must be a really long game and to all the metal gear solid fans out there, there is talk about number 5 fingers crossed but no solid snake :(

  • Jessica said:

    Eight years! That sucks. I really hope its 3 or 4 years. And if they do make a resident evil 6 i hope Claire is in it.

  • Altiear said:

    4-8 years is too long, i just hope that it’s worth the wait, just like Resident Evil 5.

    My Brother Loves Chris Redfield, and he wont’s him in Resident Evil 6, But i think that Resident Evil 6 should have the all main Chracters like Leon Scott Kenerdy, Chris Redfield and his Sister Clair, in it.

    I wish Wesker Did’nt Die in Resident Evi 5, he was cool.

    Or Maybe Resident Evil 6 should have a ‘New Main Character’

    If the People who made RE5 Had problems making it, they should get people to give them some ideas on what they think should be in RE6.

  • Altiear said:

    i think that there should be a Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 6, the story could be…….

    Chris Redfield, Sheva and Jill return from Africa, and decide to go to the BSAA HQ, Soon after they arrive, a Destress signal is sent to them by a Small town, like Racoon City, , the virus went air-boarn, and infected the town closes to Racoon City, so the first BSAA unit is sent in, 5 hours after they arrive they dont reply to the BSAA captin, so the BSAA calls the President, the President relpy”I’ll send in my best Man” after the captin finishes talking to the president, he goes into the locker rooms, and see’s Chris, Sheva and Jill chillin out, the captin saids ‘Gear up, got another problem, chris, sheva and jill reply ‘ not again’, when they get to the town, they see two people fighting off a swam of zombies, when the chopper lands Chris, Sheva and Jill, start to help the two people, when the zombies are dead, the two people turn around, and it Leon and Clair…….

    what do u think.

  • Joe said:

    I like Altiear’s idea for the storyline of how it starts. (8 years seems too long lol.) re5 started being made a year after re4 which released in 2004. there was no such thing as a ps3 yet at tht time. so u got a ps3 and xbox 360 it should take at least half the time it took make five. i would also like to see it as tagteam co-op type of thing. different groups of two ppl from the past games:

    Chris and Jill
    Claire and Sheva
    Rebecca and Ada
    Billy and Carlos

    Maybe they all could’ve joined the B.S.A.A.

  • Joe said:

    Leon and an all grown up Sherry or Tougher Ashley lmao

  • Travis said:

    I think they should put rebecca in again and some how billy as well I mean who wouldn’t want to see billy and rebecca kicking ass again I k ow I would and as for time I hope only 4 years but if it’s 8 then it most likely will be a totaly bitchn game

  • austin said:

    maybe they should have chris and claire or maybe better
    that to me would be bad ass and what about you start out with a s&w magnum but then you get captured and all you wepons are taken away but they find 2 knifes


  • acarias777 said:

    IF they do come out with resident evil 6 why don’t a 4 player co-op chris lion jill and sheva and make the zompis harder and more guns

  • marco said:

    i say leon should be in Re6 if they make one he kicked ass in Re4. Re5 was okay it lacked a few things like better guns but i do like the magnums. im just saying leon should be in every Resident evil to come

  • marco said:

    i hope in Re6 that they put actual zombies instead of human with a little crazy in them. And let it be in the city again enough of this going across the world. just stay in a city and fight actual zombies. And you should also put Ada Wong back

  • Altiear said:

    Leon Should Be in RE6 but i dont think he should be the character u play as.

    Maybe it could have all the characters in it, but they could introduce a new charcter, maybe someone u can create and lvl up, cimmerla to Rainbow 6: Vegas 2…

  • Altiear said:

    I heard that RE6 is goin to have a new character in it, and the beginning goes something like this………….

    Ur Character wakes up it prison[maximin prison] and u have to talk to the guard and tell him to come 2 u, then u knock him out, another guard run over to u and says what happened, and u have to replie, ”he sliped”, then when the guard runs of to find a medic, u grab the knocked out guards cell key, and u unlock ur cell and excape……..
    when u turn around and look back at the prison, u see a simbol on the wall of the prison, and the simbol is from…….Umbrella!

    so i dont know how they r goin to play that 1 out?

  • Altiear said:

    I also think that the game should start to get into modden time guns, vechiles, ect….

    and a hell of a lot more ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to fight…….

  • Hady said:

    Resident Evil 6 Billy Coen.

  • Altiear said:

    This is another idea of mine for the storyline for RE6:

    Chris, sheva, jill and josh make there way home after beating ‘wesker’ but on their way they get blown out of the sky, by a mysterious figure…..

    When chris wakes up from the crash, he see’s that Josh is dead, chris then gos to help Jill an Sheva out of the reacked chopper, when they r out of it, chris looks around and see’s that they have crashed at a univercity, sudenly a horde of running zombies come at you, after u kill them a nother horde comes, Chris, jill and sheva are out of ammo!

    Then……. Bang, Bang, Bang!,the zombies fall to the ground, another horde comes, Chris turns around and says ‘Who just shot them”? Then the horde of zombies get shot again, when they are dead, chris, jill, and sheva, hear and noise behind them,suddenly a soilder comes to them and tells them to come with him, as they walk to the Univercity more 5 more soilders come out from the bushes,’we’ll take you to our captin”, when they get to the security room at the univercity there is a person sitting at the desk it’s……… Leon

    Leon tells Chris that The person who shot the chopper down and who infected the Univercity is…..Ada.

  • tarik said:

    8 or 4 years are too long…capcom please don’t disapoint me

  • kyle said:

    4-8years??? if it is gonna be that long you mind as well not make it! you should show chris ,jill, and sheva and all those charictors in it.

    ill be like 21 and not care anymore about resident evil anymore. if you are gonna make it that advanced that it takes 4-8 years you should put it on the 360 or wii so it doesn’t take that long. i would very much like if barry was in it or one of the main characters. i really want to see barry again. barry was my favorite character. and don’t show leon or ada or any of those characters. i thought RE4 really warped all of those characters up so please don’t disappoint me by showing them or any more new characters. id like if you could go back to the regular zombies like in resident evil code veronica. i motley gust want you to use chris, bring back barry as one of the main characters and don’t disappoint me by making it that long.

  • Stephan said:

    i think that in re6 we shuld be reunited with billy coen, barry burton, and steve burnside. along with many other characters, such as leon (kill him off) and possibly ada. and maybe sherry. oh and claire.

  • Stephan said:

    oh and have normal zombies again. the new things suck

  • Sarah said:

    I hope it doesn’t take too long! If Resident Evil 6 is really gunna come out, I hope that the four of them (Josh, Sheva, Chris and Jill) will make it back safely and alive, and there is a new main evil character guy that was a friend of Wesker’s or something. Plus, I hope they make the game even longer! It was sad enough that Kirk, Raymond, DeChant, the entire Alpha team (except Josh), Dave, and all the other good guys had to get killed, but I hope that the worst that will happen (if any) is that one of them gets injured or something. I bet it will be awesome!

  • ryan said:

    cm on!!! 4-8 years??? thats way too long!!! make it atleast 2-3 years. if you make it it should be co-op for sure with these pairs:

    chris, jill,and barry

    clare and billie

    josh and sheva

  • ryan said:

    and make it on xbox360!!! not the ps3. it should be co-op and not have leon or ada. and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring back the reguar zombies. it should have 4 player co-op after you beat the game. i frome most to least whant these charictors back:

    the regular zombies





  • Clensen said:

    If it’s going to take 4-8 years the game should be incredible.

  • ryan said:

    maby you should have regular zombies and bad guys frome umbrella driving motercycles and stuff so you can still have enimies dryving vehicals. gust a sugjestion…

  • jeff said:

    8 years is way too long for me. i think it should be 4 player co-op and you should be able to choose who you are. the characters should be billy coen for sure, chris, the new character (i heard there was gonna be one) and barry burton. i really miss him. 2 player co-op should be out of the question. and please dont bring back leon or ada.

  • jeff said:

    oh yah, and make it on the 360. thats where resident evil should be.

  • kate said:

    gust put regular zombies and co-op and ill be happy

  • jeff said:

    as long as barry is one of the main charictors ill be happy

  • Altiear said:

    I agree, RE6 should have the old zombies again, im not really a good fan of the new breed, And triple the amount of zombies you have to fight, like a real zombie battle,

    If they do decide to have a new character, he could be a umbrella soilder, and he gets kicked out of the company, but they blank his memory, and your have to do the missions but you also have to find your own survivers and take the battle to the zombies, also trying to find out y umbrella kicked you out, and kill the zombies for good………..

  • bryan said:

    lmao x Box?
    please resident evil was born on da playstation if any thing keep games like kingdom hearts, resident evil, capcom vs marvel, and francise games like tekken on playstation xbox justs sucks

  • Gen said:

    Another hunk mini game would be awesome

  • jeff said:

    ps3 sucks. it should be on the xbox. it would be much easier too make too.

  • Salty said:

    They’re rebooting the series. Meaning we’ll meet new characters dealing with new tales…. stories that are products of old stories. I think it’d be best that way. They can’t keep using the same characters over and over… maybe if they were DEVELOPING the characters, but let’s face it… there isn’t a whole lot of personality flying around in the Resi Evil world. I think the most I’ve really seen was Claire in the CG movie.

    Maybe the new characters could have run ins with the older ones.

    I think it’d be nice if the game was longer… less one-roaded. Where you can do this and do that and it all adds up to one ultimate goal… you just have options… which is where the older characters could come in. Go fight a bunch of zombies holed up somewhere OR go to some warehouse to investigate… you go to the warehouse and a familiar face is there or something… you know…? Something… better…

  • Salty said:

    Oh… and no more Ada. AND no more character meetings that are too coincidental. Leon running into Ada in Europe? Stupid. Claire being at the airport with the outbreak where Leon appears to save the day? C’mon!

  • zach said:

    8 to 4 years is too long for me ill be 23 and like whts his name said ill be done playin games if u make it then u need to have leon s kennedy in it and leave chris and sheeva out of it bcuz they werent that great

  • Alex L. said:

    I heard from some guy I was talking to online that Wesker has a twin. He said his uncle worked on the games. So if that’s true Wesker will hopefully make a reappearance.

  • Angel said:

    well “ic meiner” thats the point. gears of war great game. if it takes capcom 8 or so years to make this it will mean this will be the perfect game. Hopefully

  • Kee said:

    I reckon if its gonna take 8 yrs to do then atleast include all the characters and do a single story for them but based on the same mission. And bring bk the Zombies! I think they should also make it gorier too :S . Like day of the dead or somthing. Or maybe Dead Space like.

  • Tekirra said:

    So, I heard that they may be using brand new charecters, this may be the reeason it will take so long to make the game, and if it is brand new charecters, I am not buying it.
    Hell, we have charecters that are missing such as Steve! Can I get the classics with a side of zombie, please?

  • Arctic_Fox said:

    I think they should bring grown up Sherry into RE6. And maybe Leon, Claire..Maybe Ada? If Wesker’s in it, I’ll buy. And maybe a new character and/or bad guy.

  • joni said:

    hallo i am joni I want knew when re5 come dick I am from georgia and here aro only demo version re 5 for Xbox 360

  • Tekirra said:

    I can barely read your message, but, Resident Evil 5 came out…I want to say 2 months ago? Maybe 3? That’s when I got it anyway. Lol. But, I have a 360 and I live in Colorado, it may be different.

  • mac said:


  • kris said:

    look….i mean wesker…when it comes to high octane killing sprees life like animations and well just look at shevas uh hum ….yeah keep it goin like that ..it may not be a final fantasy , but i believe its the next best series. this has game has facets that anyone can appreciate. if you dislike it, its cuz your not good at it…and the minigames are you kidding i play mercs on re5 more than the chapters…its off the proverbial hook…i look forward to 6…7..as for tha live actions movies….well..they suck

  • kris said:

    oh yeah whoppa koolaid….it messed up but but when im at school and see ya know urban peeps chillen in a group i just wanna pop some heads

  • fuck-xbox said:

    why the why only xbox????????? RE5 would have been longer if it wasnt for xboxs shitty small discs, plus re started on the playstation. and jeff how wouldit be easier to make?? your retarded

  • Jake said:

    yea they need to bring back the original zombies no more of this parasite charge at you bullshit and i also think the setting should be back in the inner city when the RE franchise was the best (RE 2, 3). capcom needs to stick to the roots because they are completely getting away from the survival horror which made the games what they were now its just a simple action game keep shooting and youll win
    im not dissin RE 5 its a great game but capcom needs to bring back the survival horror, keep the incredible graphics but stick with the roots

  • Jake said:

    O yea and some puzzles and stuff to figure out RE5 didnt have any of that which was disappointing as well

  • Tekirra said:

    I just tried out the Resident Evil REmake and it is amazing, we need more of those…I mean, you would think with all the graphic technology we have, we could make a fucking scary ass game, but, I do not see it happening.

  • Distortedmotion said:

    I started playing RE when I was 17 on the PS1, man time flys eh.
    I really will be an old man by the time the new one comes out. lol
    Guess I will start playing the series from number 1 again to kill the time.

  • arron :D said:

    i think that resident evil 6 should be number 1 in the mansion again, 2 player co-op jill and chris and in the same syle as resident evil 5

  • ps3 owner said:

    there not bringing back the old zombies, it wouldnt work. what would they say? they lost the research? unless it takes place betwwen 1-4, then they could have the old zombies

  • Tekirra said:

    They alredy have like 3 games for Resident Evil 1. Lol. I keep hearing that Resident evil 6 (if it will be named so)may be a whole new game entirely. New charecters and all that.

    But, I also hear that Wesker has a clone and they may incorporate him in there.

    I guess ideas are still up in the air.

  • kevo said:

    they should make it old school. and make it in the mansion again and real zombies thats the 1 wat made resident evil. a really liked the giant snakes and spiders u dont get any of that any more.

  • RE4Fanatic said:

    they should do the 2nd one of the los illuminados insident! that one ROCKED! RE4 was and always will be the BEST in the sceries!

  • NightlyDGH said:

    this resident evil 6 should be more like resident evil 4, the mysterious cult thing and island theme really did present some good puzzles and please bring back some old characters :) oh and what the hell kind of puzzles can you get in a city.. couple of barred doors maybe a padlock or 2?
    pssh.. think about it for a moment and maybe you’ll understand why capcom is moving on from city themes.

  • Jerry Hanley said:

    Make re6 or going to sue your ass bitch because I’m not waiting 8 fucking years to wait that long i would take 1-2 years but 8 years is kinda stupid of your company’s part by the way.

  • raving dutchman said:

    I think they should have all the characters back in there from all the Resident evil games Chris redfield ,Jill valentine ,Claire redfield,Barry ,Leon kennedy just all of them and then make it like you can choose the 2 players who you want to play and make it co-op like 5 and put wesker back in there with the huge tyrant from resident evil 1

  • Altiear said:

    if the game designer are having problem thinging of ideas here is some ideas of my own:

    1. Bring back the normal zombies, you might think these new zombies are mad, but nahhh!!!, if ya wanna put real zombies, make shore you have to verse heaps, not just little groups of them, have hordes.

    2. Maybe they could introduct a new character, or you can create a character, they could give you the character’s name and storyline, but you can like costomise their looks and clothing.

    3. Must have a ass kicking storyline, maybe you could be a special forces that worked for unbrella, and they kick you out for some reason but they blank your memory you can only remember your name, an you must survive all the zombie and try to find out why umbrella fired you.

    4. You can help survivers, if they are hurt you can aide them, and if they get bitten they die for good.

    5. A new full mad boss to battle, someone mean, dangerouse and cool.

  • Altiear said:

    I’ve got a mad storyline and idea’s for RE6:

    You are a special Forces captain, you and you team get sent into this little town to rescue any remaining survives, you have to last a couple of week, and if some gets bitten they will turn and die for good, and it also mensions that during the story, so say if, “Bob” dies in mission 6 because you and your team didnt pretect him, then when there is a cut screen then he wont be in it, and you can menion it to you team that he died and that, It would be a true survival, you gotta work together, or your on your own, and you wont last long because each day the zombie horde grows bigger and bigger, and introduce a new bad guy boss.

  • Shadow2who said:

    I would like it if they made a Resident Evil Online sort of deal, but, I mean, Everything is usable, can go into any building, that sort of thing. Something like Oblivion

  • Viper said:

    for RE6 i think capcom should have HUNK for the next bad guy or they shold have him on a dlc for RE5 for the mecenerys

  • C-Money said:

    I think that Altiear idea of resident evil 6 is awesome…..I think it would be good to have all the charecters to come together. Also, they should make it so that we can choose who we wanna be. And you should have like a four player type thing where 4 friends can come together and play as diffrent charecters. The zombie part i the best….enough with the plagues, lets put back zombies..thats what startes it all and thats how it should end.

  • Deviljin296 said:

    I don’t even know if:

    A) I’m still going to be alive then, (I’m under 20, yet I’m scared to die… -.-)


    B) I’ll still be interested in RE games


  • Raz said:

    i think with resident evil 6 they should do a prequel to resi 1 and get the slow zombies back i would love to play as barry with his dodgy voice acting XD
    and i dont know i do actually like the sound of 4 player co-op a bit like l4d and i think a good weapon system would be good like when you start the game you should be able to pick out of a list if you are coming from the stars military base and at the end of every mission you can upload your score like if it took you so long to complete and how many zombies you encountered and killed and you could upload them to some leaderboards or even to the website and you collect points and over time if you get alot of points you can buy new weapons and costumes.
    oh and if there would be a problem of it being a prequel just tell me lol

  • ownedewesker20times said:

    i think that they should not make a 4 person co-op because it would just be mayhem, everyone would need anno for the first runthrough and i doubt there would be enough zombies for my liking. i have played all of the resident evil games and my favourites are nemesis, just the whole thing where you just turn a corner and he is standing there scared the shit outa me and veronica is one of my favourites because of the general creepiness amd the puzzly solving.if they combined these two i would be very happy.

  • Gaius said:

    I hope resident evil 6 incorporates *some RPG elements into it. Such as: skills you can raise on your character that would help you shoot better, run faster or sprint longer, but still remain in the realm of a shooter/survival horror theme.I love the ability to0 increase my gun’s power. More of that type of thing please. Possibly upgrading some type of body armor as well?

    In the next resident evil I would also like to make my own protagonist with some customization options. Then possibly you could bring in series regulars that I could meet during the story like, Leon, Claire, Chris, Jill, Hunk, Ada, etc.

    I’d also like a return of real flesh eating zombies. Only this time I want those zombies to RUN(ala Return of the Living Dead and/or Dawn of the Dead-2004 remake). Now that would give me some heart pounding action if I knew that the zombies weren’t slow moving pushovers anymore that I could just take my time picking off or easily running by them.

    I’d also like more brain teasing puzzles to solve and reduced ammo drops. That way I’d have to survive by wits on occasion while still opening a can of whoopass when the situation called for it with some firepower.

  • Cruze4000 said:

    I liked Altiears Idea which inspired me to write this enjoy.

    The new character is an agent of the BSAA who has been downranked for making a miscall and costed more than 10 soldiers their lives. He is then sent to Raccoon City to see how well the city is recovering after the outbreak, when he notices a mysterious figure. He tries to approach but the figure dissappears in the crowd. He is greeted by none other than Claire Redfield who has been given a secret assignment to pursue the strange figure the new agent saw. They say their good byes and everything looks fine, until he hears screaming. He rushes to the site where what looks like 2 zombie(Male, and Female) are trying to eat a merchant. He immobolizes them with his gun, but he is too late the merchant becomes one as well. Then sirens begin to sound, and screams are heard through the air. Zombies now walk the streets in armies. He escapes to the helicopter, his driver has become one too so he has to kill him, but before he flies off Claire is being pursued by a group of Zombies. Not having the heart to leave her he helps her. When they are off the ground and safe Claire begins telling him of the incident that occured their years ago, She then starts to cry. The Agent is forced to land the helicopter to a small army camp due to low fuel levels. There he recieves a transmission from his leader to return as soon as possible. When he returns he learns that uroborus has never been destroyed and someone has stolen it, This is what made the zombies come back, but its bigger than this. Someone has also stolen the Las Plagas virus, the T and G-virus. If they are not found the entire world could end. Hes also told that the BSAA will be teaming up with the STARS and another unit.

    He is to meet Chris, Sheva,Barry,Rebbecca,and Jill. But Im too tired to continue writing, again this is something off the top of my head.

  • Miranda said:

    Ok, picture this…

    12 years ago, when rockfort island was blown up, not all of the research was destroyed. So, Leon, with help from Claire who knows the island, goes to investigate only to discover it’s been overrun with zombies ( and I mean REAL zombies) they try to escape, but they only return to their destroyed helicopter. Now, they have to find a way out, but they meet the big bag bad guy who refers to himself as John Doe and has a simalar likliness to wesker( but isn’t and isn’t a clone either) he is mentaly unstable and as a sick joke, he puts them in a maze with a “prize” at the end. They make it out only to discover that the prize, is Steve Burnside’s body that Doe bought from wesker before he got rid of it. Then, they discover that Steve isn’t dead, but they have to find a cure for him before he turns into a tyrant again. Later, you discover that Doe, is actually weskers younger brother, John, who went insane and was locked away for a long time until he broke out. This is the only reason wesker gave him Steve’s body, because they were brothers. Now, he wants revenge and he calls Chris for Claire, only to hang up. Chris gets worried, and heads to the island…

    This is just an idea, but I REALLY want Steve to be in another game, he was like, my favorite character of all time.

  • Erin said:

    Fuck yeah! at the end of code Veronica, wesker was all, “yeah, but you know, Steve could come back to life like I did…” and then the assholes at capcom left that alone for like, 7 years. I played it, and was like “whoo! Steve isn’t dead!” and then nothing. If they brought Steve back to life, I would be sooooo happy, because even though he sounded like a canadian on crack in the original game, he still had one of the best backstories. Plus, resident evil needs to have a relationship that works (clairexsteve)

  • Duhshit said:

    Well im thinkin they should put Alice (from the movies) to the games. but not as the main character, u just like bump into her n she helps u out or some shit like that.
    Also, what about Umbrella was working on clonin ppl? Like wesker? and then it turns out Wesker has clones and you have to run like a mofo.
    OOORRR the G virus develops (somehow)and the zombies are just better and u have to kill them (obviously).
    It should be like 2 coop and the mercenaries should be like 4 player. another option is like u can kill other REAL ppl like for example bob against billy or sum shit like that.
    Damn but 4-8 years? ima b fuckin old by that time, they should at least take 1-2 years and maximum 3-4 years.

  • Larry said:

    For RE 6 mercanaries, they should have like alot more characters. They should seriously put in people from some of the other games like resident evil zero and resident evil 1 and they should really put in some more S.T.A.R.S. members from the first game that you could never play as like Richard Aiken, Enrico Marini, Forest Speyer, Joseph Frost and the others you could never play as. It was cool they put in Barry and Rebecca in the RE 5 mercanaries reunion and S.T.A.R.S. Wesker and Chris in the regular mercanaries. It would also be really flippin awsome if they brought back some ZOMBIES and brought Barry Burton back into the story.

  • Larry said:

    I think that they should make RE 6 like how Heavy Rain was with the characters. They should get like 3 or 4 main characters, each have their own part of the story and each have like a piece of the puzzle, you know. I think the players should be Barry Burton, Claire Redfield, a former umbrella agent like Carlos Olivera and/or a new guy and other person/persons from the other games. They gotta put Barry in there though, the only way you could ever play as him was in the mercanaries and by cheats in resident evil DS and alot of my friends agreed with me that it would be awsome if you could play as him in the next one and have one his special costumes being his S.T.A.R.S. uniform. They gotta bring back Barry’s .44 colt python magnum and the samuri edge too but also put in some more modern day guns. One of my brothers thought it would be really kool If you could customize the way the gun looks, like if you could change the color of it and add a silencer or something, like you could on army of 2: 40th day.

  • Allison said:

    So 8 years it might take?
    srsly? Isnt that just a bit TOO long?

    But still, that might be a good thing..
    they could have a rockin’ storyline by then! ^_^

    Oh, and my personal opinion is that they NEED to bring Steve Burnside back.
    I mean, COME ON, If Wesker could bring Jill back after falling out of a window ON A CLIFF. Then he could have easily brought Steve back, and since he had to get the virus which was in Steve in CV, why not bring him back anyway?
    Besides, the storyline with Claire and Steve seemed WAY too short! They should Continue it! :D

  • Miranda said:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end of CV, Wesker was all, “and you know, Steve could come back to life just like I did…” and then they never mentioned that again. Well, it’s been 7 years( since CVX) and I wanna see some Steve.

  • michael said:


  • Jake said:

    For all the people that said dont make it on ps3, you should think before u talk and sound dumb. Resident Evil started out as a Playstation exclusive franchise, then they ported the games they made for ps1 to other systems. plus the PS3 is far superior to the 360 in everything but the amount of games. Sony and resident evil will be together for the rest of both their carrerrs. Ps1 is what stated the resident evil franchise up.

  • johann lowe said:

    i hope it is billy coen from resident evil 0 cause you don’t know what has been brought up in a while just hope he is in re6 if u ask me..

  • MICHAEL said:


  • Andrew HILL said:

    I honestly agree it is stupid .I think they should make a sixth Resident Evil and i know where they should start. Sense wesker is dead they should start back up with Triccel i played and beat the game tree times so i know a lot about it . The only problem is the achievements they would have to make at least 50 achievements or less.They should have new weapons and old weapons and in this one they should have gernades and tnt.My last idea is that they should have cheat codes. PEACE p.s im only 10 years old

  • Jonathan Hill said:

    Its Jonathan. Andrews brother hes a beast but any way about the resident evil series, I think it has gone down in flames. But they can recover. My brother has a couple of really good ideas about the resident evil series. The orginal first two games was pretty good the story line was the brain eating zombies which every one loves. They should go back to the regular story line and win a bunch of fans back. The games are ok but resident evil 5 took me to a level of feeling like a stupid freakin retard. but hay who cares.

  • Erica Hill said:


  • xavi rodrigu3z said:

    8 years!!! thats not cool. A lot of cool games have been made in less time-such as F.E.A.R. Aka. bring back the zombies they are much scarryer. And whats this shit about resident evil being on xbox? it sucks. maybe they should make it on the xbox 720. Maybe then it would be half as good as the PS3. Besides, resident evil first came out on playstation.

  • joseph said:

    hay resident evil 5 was sick so do not dis it i finished it on every 4 diffrent dificultys and i as only 10 ime 11 now. resient evil 6 should not take 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if it does it should have a wicked story line like Chris,sheva,josh and jill are still in the helicopter and innaly see home and then suddenly they they get shot by a missile. then chri gets up and helps sheva up josh then gets up then jill then suddenly a dark figuire comes out abush behind jill and then a gun shot goes of then jill screams and clapses the stanger hapens to be leon.s.kenndy. sheva then sgests that chris sats his goodbyes so he does.then she sugestges they get rid of the boddey b throwing it into a lake so they do.then suddenly chris the words the mansion. then leon ses we hae to go in. once they go in wesker is stood on a balceny above the door. then wesker ses in a cunning voice well well what do we have here then.then a wall turns round at the top of the stairs and claire is paddlocked to a u8 with excella hapter 1.1 completed to be continued……………………..

  • RERyan4Ever said:

    im writing a story of resident evil 6… or 7. it’ll be out in a year and a half or less. Depends. THE CHARACTERS: Jill V, Chris R, Claire R, Leon S. K, Rebecca C, Billy C, Barry B, Sheva A, Josh S, and former nemisis’,maybe Carlos O, Sherry B, Ashley G, and Steve Burnside! Oh,and Alex W-if you read the files on the ship on re(resident evil)5 and golden edition lost in nightmares you would know he betrayed Ozwell S and took the dose of eternal life and dissapeared. He’s the 13th Wesker child. The dose will involve with the characters. (It’s like the fountain of youth)
    HORROR IS BACK AND ACTION IMPROVES! The horror you felt that stopped your heart for a dark second is back and your adrenaline rushes as the action gets better. More moves, you can actually move stuff and hide, the characters show emotion! Horror, action, smart remarks, and a little romance for the girls are in! SOME NEW CHARACTERS: Jaclyn Charles(survived Raccoon City as a little girl), Josie Janiel(bad guy) and Ryan Burnside(girl older than brother, when mom was pregnant she was injected with T-virus and died fifteen years later)
    STORYLINE: Raccoon City was rebuilt, another virus, a breed made by t-virus and las plagas or progenitor that was released. Tricell secretly is bringing back umbrella. Leon and Claire are sent from the white house, Josh, Sheva, Chris, and Jill from the B.S.A.A and Rebecca and Barry from the force. The others just come because they feel like it’s their duty(not funny). They have to defeat MANY monsters. Tyrants, plants, animals, zombies, villians, uncontrollable hypnotized Steve, hunters,AND MORE!In rebuilt Arklay mansion and Raccoon City in U.S.A.
    UP TO FOUR PLAYERS. DECIDE YOUR CHARCATER EVEN WHEN THEY SPLIT UP. Resident evil 3 original split second decisions. ONLINE OR OFFLINE.

  • RERyan4Ever said:

    this was really written at night near 7:00 and 8:00 in Las Vegas November 13. Okay PLLLLZZZZZZZ COMMENT I may be a girl BUT I LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE RE and Assassin’s Creed(my history teacher plays it 8D)! I know everything about it. I taught my dad how to play and finished on professional. the old games r pretty good if you want scary but they have sucky graphics. When i get Ethernet for Christmas(I know sounds stupid, i should have it now) my name will be ReRyan. My friend Casey, the most awesome dude and guy, has been playing it since he was three. Yep, wierd, but cool. I wish i had that head start.
    Whoever loves Re you’re a friend. Whoever hates it might not live tomorrow. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE… jk.
    it’s wierd, i know. but i DREAM about re all the time especially when i listen to music. if this doesn’t make the next or after the next re, i’ll never give up on my restory daydreams. Please, if it makes the next re it might stop. I even asked for me to forget about it if it’s not meant to be, but i didn’t. SO maybe… But still. Us fans need to make short re stories about our survivors. Oh,also. I hope they make a game where you can create your own survivor among Raccoon City and fight various, random monsters and mutants, and of course zombies. You can create yours and four other survivors or less. You can join each others game. Or you can pick a character like Leon, Claire, Jill, Barry, or Brad, or the Outbreak characters. It’s called Resident evil: destruction. Just a suggestion. SOOOOOOO………..PLLEEEEAAAZZZZZEE COMMENT(about re 6…or 7 above or re destruction!!!!!! Thank you.

  • RERyan4Ever said:

    Oh, just to let you know. Re Destruction you could start off with stuff, figure out puzzles, move or hide(like ashley G in re 4.) and do moves. You also get a bird later on to send an S.O.S and from the middle beginning you meet a dog. You could earn infinate ammo on both re6(or7) and re destruction. Doesn’t matter, i prefer re6 alot more unless you want to feel back at home with the dead. lol. And no, i’m not hyper. I was rushing. Sorry. I’ll began writing part 1 of my story of re 6, that’s all. I wish i could write more but i haven’t finished part 2, but im almost done. You’ll have to wait a month or 2.

  • RERyan4Ever said:

    Part 1: Introductions
    The Spencer Estate was left abandoned on it’s perch on top of the cliff, sealed off safely where no on can enter or exit. A moth after Chris’ and Sheva’s mission, and after finishing off the betrayer of all and Raccoon City, builders immediatly began rebuilding Raccoon City.Raccoon City was ninty-seven percent finished when they let the citizens reunite with the renewed city. Only half of the former residents came back, most researchers of Umbrella transfered to Tricell. The first feature included was the Raccoon Mansion in the Raccoon Moutains-supposedly the Arklay Mansion and Mountains-settled and hiddened. Tricell is giving rebirth to the Umbrella Corporation and they secretly created an underground research facility(guess they didn’t learn the first time.)The same sightings and reports are being repeated from before and Leon and Claire are sent from the White House to investigate while the B.S.A.A, known as Chris and Jill are sent on the same mission, Sheva and Josh supposed to join them later after their current mission in South America. The monsters are much worse…The “dead that walk” are not only T-virus or las plagas, but much more advanced. Every survivor from resident has yet to find out the terrifying truth no one yet knows.
    Leon S. Kennedy is sent to explore what caused another outbreak from the White House to Raccoon Mansion. Leon sighed. Memories flooded over his mixed emotions. He didn’t know how to express. He remembered the city covered in the last outbreak. Walls of fire, eerie silence except for the distant moaning and occasional helpless screams. Leon and Claire had witnessed it all.
    “Sir,” he adressed, motioning to the president. His security closed in. Leon ignored. The president shooed them away. He nodded for Leon to go on.
    “With your permission I would like to bring along an old partner of mine.” The president hesitated.
    “You mean Claire Redfield?” He ordered his security to leave, Ashley at his side at once as they slipped out. She just smiled shortly at Leon, then bacame serious. “Yes.” Leon replied. The president folded his hands and layed back, crossing his feet on the desk. Ashley layed a hand on his shoulder. “Dad, what about me, how can I help?”
    “Keep in touch and prepare them with supplies. I don’t want you leave here until the situation has been futher to an end.” She nodded as a sign she understood. The president leaned over the desk. “If you need backup, Mr. Kennedy, I have no problem assigning them to your demand.” Leon shook his head.”No, need, sir. I require no assistance.”
    The president spoke true words.”Then why are you here? What are you waiting for?” He grinned.”Go for it.”
    Chris and Jill…
    Wesker isn’t alive. Was there really an explanation? So here they are. Chris and Jill were searching for answers once ordered to transport to the Raccoon Mansion. Where the Arklay mansion layed.
    Bad news came after their victory. After rebuilding Raccoon City, Tricell recreated Umbrella and began their experiments. Purposely or not, they released the T-virus,another outbreak repeating itself.

    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. I will write more later on tomorrow…

  • RERyan4ever said:

    Continued Part 1…
    It was like some sick cycle. When will it ever end? Something whistled by in the grass.
    “Jill, watch your back!” Chris cried. “Okay,”she called back. A dog lept into view. Oh no, chris thought.
    “Jill, run to that house!” She hesitated. “no,you remember last time.”
    “Go,Jill,please.” With that she sprinted as Chris followed, covering her. A dog went for Chris’ face.

    I’ll write in a week.

  • ReRyan said:

    I got news… Resident evil 6 project omega is one player wit Alex Wesker.(he dies to fast)and you play Omega who is a good guy now but bad guy in resident evil 7. ): then resident evil 7 doomsday is 4 player with 4 storylines. Government agents(includes Leon) BSAA(Chris and Jill included) survivors(Rebecca and Billy are in it!) and Umbrella’s leftovers…(we don’t know them) Cities:District of Columbia, France Rhiem, Los Angeles,New York New york.
    Anyway comment.

  • joel said:

    bueno ami me parese que el personaje de reasident evil 6 va aser jill valentine cris y leon para mi no se para ustedes

  • cait said:

    o.o If resident evil 6 is anything like re: zero, re 4, or re 5, I won’t even give it another glance. I hate the newer games, there’s nothing SURVIVAL or horror about them…(>.<)p resident Evil zero is the last passable resident evil game. and me, guess what? I'm not one of those hard to please fans, but I can't stand those action games they've been putting out.

  • Sweetie4eva said:

    It may sound crazy but i wish Claire and Leon was a couple…lol…and y can’t they be? I mean, dis Ada character is pure EVIL and always trying to kill Leon, and Claire and Steven seems a closed chapter. Besides, she never even liked Steven…..idk…but there shud be developments in the couple romance tracks ^-^

  • Sweetie4eva said:

    And yeah…Leon and Claire should DEFINETLEY be in RE6!!!

  • ReRoxxx said:

    I agree wid Sweetie4eva…….Leon is a MUST. I’ve checked some forums and sites, and Leon+Claire is the top favourite couple wanted as the next protagonists…..I hope Capcom listens to us! *Fingers crossed*

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