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“The PS3 is a huge pain in the ass” – Wheelman dev

14:0525/02/2009Posted by David Scammell206 Comments

Just when we were thinking about how long it had been since the last 360 vs. PS3 debacle, The Wheelman’s Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick has come along to save the day.

When asked by ThisXboxLife.com what it had been like to develop simultaneously for Xbox 360 and PS3, Himmerick replied:

“The politically incorrect answer is that the PS3 is a huge pain in the ass. Anyone making a game, if you’re going to make it for both [360 and PS3], just lead on the PS3 because if it works on the PS3 it’ll work on 360.”

“The easiest way to look at it is, the 360 has one big chunk of memory, but the PS3 has two chunks of memory that in total are the same size as the Xbox, but because they’re split you can’t share memory the same way. That will bite you in the ass, and it bit us in the ass bad.

“We had to play catch up on the PS3 because of the memory constraints and how it renders, how it processes is just different. And it’s harder on the PS3. The Xbox is just like a dumb PC, which is great because it’s easier to build a game on a PC.”

As Gordon Ramsay would say, “Ding ding, round f**king two!”

Check out the rest of the hour-long interview with Himmerick over at ThisXboxLife.com.

The Wheelman ships on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next month. And by the sound of it, it might be better on Xbox 360.

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  • commodore said:

    All I can say is………………It’s Wheelman, a game that won’t do well

    At least he tells everyone to lead on the PS3.

  • Darkie said:

    He also tells everyone that 360 can handle anything the PS3 can do, but the PS3 cannot handle anything 360 can do, at least not without a struggle.

  • JeffH said:

    “The Xbox is just like a dumb PC, which is great because it’s easier to build a game on a PC.”

    I’m glad the PS3 is not just like a “dumb PC”. The devs who get a grasp on the split memory/Cell BE are making the most amazing gaming experiences.

  • Hanif said:

    The PS3 is a complex work of art. Its not going to be easy to tap in all its power, unlike the 360 that uses 90% of its power in Gears Of War.

    Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5 not to mention God Of War 3 is nowhere near the full potential of the PS3 not even half its power.

  • lol said:

    the typical ps fanboy response.

    Spread fud about the 360 then insert “Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5, God Of War 3″ somewhere while talking about “potential” and job done without actually saying anything (certainly not anything factual) and not adding to the argument.

    Its amazing how they are experts on the 360 and quote random blogs when stating thier “facts” but when a developer says something about the ps3 they don’t like they dismiss it out of hand.

    Hmm, hypocrites.

    Keep believing whatever sony tell you blindly without questioning it the way you would if it was ms saying it because thats how you learn?

    I know this looks like a fanboy response but I’m not having ago at the abilities of the ps3 or the ps3 fans themselves just the pointless ps fanboys repeating the same old nonsense again and again like that will make it true.

  • Anonymous said:

    LOL @ The Wheelman (game and developer)

    PHHHHHLEEAAAASEEEEEEEEE – Lazy developers who dont want to take the time to understand how the PS3 operates.

    LOL I totally was not buying this shit game anyway…JUNK

    just ask Nauthty Dog, Insomniac, Gurilla Games, Konami if the PS3 is a pain in the ass lol


  • Anonymous said:

    exactly – The Wheelman? what? lol who the fsck cares about that stupid game anyway. lol

    I’ll be spending my time with TRIPLE A titles like

    Little Big Planet
    Resistance 3
    KILLZONE 22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
    Uncharted 1 and 2
    the list goes on and onnnnnnnnnn

    F THQ

  • Jack said:

    all i gotta say, multiplatform games almost always look better on 360, but when it comes to exclusives, PS3 games look better than 360 exclusives. I don’t have to run down the list of games that demonstrate this, but it’s very obvious which platform right now has the best looking games.

  • john said:

    my oh my!! What a shitty dev! HAHAHAhAh. makes me laugh when I see Insomniac and Naughty Dog making absolutely amazing games on the PS3 and then these shitty devs come along and say ‘it’s too hard’. What a bunch of backward pussies. Go back and develop for PCs u wankers, thats what an xbox is.

  • WWII said:

    PS3 = Best Console Ever Made In the Mankind History!

    All hail Playstation! All hail Playstation! FTW

  • lol said:


    You prove my point in a way I couldn’t but wish someone could for me.

    Hook, line and sinker.
    I laid the bait and like a true fanboy you took it and ran.

    Thank you.

    Also you havent played wheelman so how do you know its junk?

    I haven’t played killzone to so that must mean its junk?
    unlike wheelman which is a new ip killzone comes off the back off a largely proven poor first game so that must mean kz2 will follow suit right?

    See I can make baseless claims as well.

    How about you play a game first before judging it.
    A game doesn’t have to have ps exclusive before it for you to hail it the next best thing or even give it a chance.

    With that sort of narrow minded attitude you’re missing out on a lot great games.

    How about being a gamer first, muppet second.

  • Xbox 360 Sucks said:

    LOL look at the amazing PS3 exclusives and then tell me the PS3 is a huge pain in the ass to develop for!!

    The fact is the PS3 produces better,more quality games compared to the Xbox 360 which is inferior to the PS3,just look at Killzone 2!!

  • ...jeez said:

    Wow some of you commenter are fricken stupid, comparing first party studios to a third party, who do you think would have the bigger budget and access to more resource hunh? You guessed it, FIRST PARTY!

    And to all the fanboys who are going to boycott this game now, please tell me where he comments on the quality of the final build that would warrant such a boycott? All he said was the PS3 gave them development issues, nothing new really a ton of developers have said the same thing, hell even Sony admitted this (And tried to spin it by saying they did it on purpose).

    This game looks great, all early previews have been positive to boot, stupid fanboys cant see that can they? All they can see is someone said something about their beloved console and they want to kill the guys.

    And for those commenting on lead platform, Wheelman has been in development since 2005/2006, the idea of the PS3 lead wasn’t popular until late 2007/2008.

  • TheTruth said:

    Looking the effects, quality, and perfection in Killzone 2, and looking the crappy poor quality of The Wheelman is the only thing to say.

    That developer is making an average game that is far away from the best standart in PS3, so he can´t talk about anything.

    Bye the way the best game in X360 is Gears 2 and the PS3 can move it without no problem, if you see Unreal Tournament III that is very close to Gears 2 yo can see it.

    I prefer exclusive game´s to multiplatform (mediocre) games.

  • lol said:

    Hey Xbox 360 Rules

    I never said the ps3 was a pain to develop for.
    The games develper said it was.
    Why did you think I said it?

    I was commenting on the ps fanboys ridiculous comments attacking the 360.

    Also better quality games?
    Thats subjective.

    If I was being difficult (to match you) I could say that as the 360 has been out for a year longer and has more games it has more better quality games and at a better price.

    Personally I think the 360 has better quality games as those are the ones I play.

    Do you understand what I’m getting at? Or are you stuck in defence mode that all you can see is me not lavishing nothing but unrealistic high praise for the ps3 (even though i havent said anything against the ps3) and will attack attack attack.

  • TheTruth said:

    I would like to see is the developer of the Wheelman can make at least somithing close to Killzone 2, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc, if The Wheelman look at least close to one of these game he could talk, but it doesn´…. so why is this animal is talking about the system…

  • TheTruth said:

    Pain in the ass is the people who talk about things that have no idea, like this developer, The games that i mention all of them are in the stores, and Killzone 2 is about two days to come out.

  • M.Hassan said:

    I to a certain extent agree with lol. Just because we haven’t played the game doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a piece of S**t game. However, this whole arguement of PS3 is too hard to develop for is really getting old. I am surprised that if Insomniac cane make three incredible looking games on PS3 in such a short time then why on earth can’t other devs too. I mean seriously thi is just over-rated. And for people who claiming that KZ2, Uncharted 2 Gran Turismo Prologue and MGS4 looks so amazing is due to the fact that they are almost 1st party games which means that Sony gives the devs their best tools in order to amke them look as best as possible. yeah they look awesome but any 3rd Party dev can also make similiar looking games if (emphasis on if) they are patient enought to work with the Ps3 architecture.
    I guess the main problem with these multiplatform titles is the lack of dedication to one single system. and even if they are able to make the ps3 lead platform, they either don’t have the time or the budget to maximize each version of the game. so yeah i can understand if a dev has hard time making a game for PS3 if the game is made for many systems. I’m sure he wouldn’t be saying that if the game was PS3 exclusive or he had a looooong time to develop and optimize the game. but back to my main argue..its 2009 people..we shouldn’t be hearing this “too hard to develop for” rhetoric anymore.

  • throwbackg_92 said:

    im pretty sure your a fail developer and cant make good games really wheelman

  • j2 said:

    Non of those so called great ps3 titles are out yet… Every fanboy all they talk about is the “future” and “potential”… I’m still waiting, I have both systems and tried talking myself into ps3 being better but its impossible when you have both systems, u know which one is better when u have both and all i use my ps3 for is blu-ray and internet browser. And i have all the great games to like mgs4, resistance 2, uncharted and little big planet (which will be on ebay soon, cuz i regret buying)…the typical ps3fanboy doesnt even play these titles and they stick to s**t exclusives like… heavenly sword, warhawk, motorstorm 1 and 2, SOCOM (which was extremely disappointing), PAIN, super stardust HD, pixeljunk, flower, haze, and resistance 1 which sucked
    if any ps3fanboy had both, they would no longer be for the ps3 unless they are naive, idiotic, or ignorant

  • joe said:

    This was published by a 360 site right? Sure some Devs are having a harder time with the PS3 but time will work out these wrinkles. I’m sure the words used would have been totally different if it was a PS site.

  • j2 said:

    ps killzone 2 isnt all that great, i got the demo… its fun but it wont save the ps3…. ps3fanboys think it might cuz that’ll be the best shooter they’ll ever see on ps3… the reasons they are fanboys is because they dont want to admit that they just wasted $400 dollars on a blu-ray player. it happens to all of us, trust me

  • M.Hassan said:


    You my friend clearly are a fanboy yourself and really don’t know what you are talking about.

    “And i have all the great games to like mgs4, resistance 2, uncharted and little big planet (which will be on ebay soon, cuz i regret buying)…the typical ps3fanboy doesnt even play these titles and they stick to s**t exclusives like… heavenly sword, warhawk, motorstorm 1 and 2, SOCOM (which was extremely disappointing), PAIN, super stardust HD, pixeljunk, flower, haze, and resistance 1 which sucked”

    are you out of your mind! clearly all the games you mentioned which a “typical ps3fanboy” doesn’t play are all exclusives. and Yes they are incredible games and are played by all “typical ps3fanboys” and that is why they are in evry system war topic. Its okay that you don’t like Ps3 and like 360 but don’t go around and throw mud on the other system. BTW you do have one good point..Haze did sucked bad but so did Too Human and all the other Square Enix games on 360.

  • mantis said:

    burnout paradise was made with the ps3 as the lead platform, and look how great that turnedout graphics wise. hes just a lazy dev, and its a shit game as well, again to end the arguments, gta iv was made mutltiplatform, and looked amazing on both consoles, some argue the ps3 but thats subjective to opinion. programming is a tricky business and i can understand how much a pain in the ass it could be, but cmon hes just lazy, plenty of games can look amazing on both consoles, but its just a question of time, and resources these days which make things alot harder to make a quality game on both consoles.

  • FRANKO said:

    AHAHAHAHA!!!! I have both systems and i’m in gamer’s heaven!!! STOP that fanboy crap,earn some cash and get both systems, believe me, it’s worth iit!!!

  • captain_howdy187 said:

    if it works on the PS3 it’ll work on 360.”

    this statement isn’t entirely 100% accurate. several 1st party games took advantage of the huge amount of space provided by BD, especially MGS4, which nearly everybody knows required a dual-layered BD.

    and @lol

    yes, every ps3 owner does state the same games when making comparisons between systems, but the same could be said about the xbox360 camp as well!! I always hear about gears 2, halo 3, too human, or whatever else the xbox camp has to offer. the only game i’m interested in is forza 2, which does seem to be a bit better than gt5, the only drawback to it is the car selection, virtually the same as the first. what i loved about gt4 is the high speed u could obtain, something that will surely show up in the final release of gt5, and the formula 1 kart is a rocket!! i also really enjoy the in-car view of gt5, which isn’t there in forza 2, hopefully forza 3 will!

    truthfully, the reasons i’m so into the ps3, is because of the capabilities! there are so many things it can do that nobody really knows about!!! multiple ways of saving music/photos to the HDD(data discs, mp3 players, streaming), cool slideshow options (and i mean pretty damm kool), and this nifty little ability I wanna try out, check it out here http://boardsus.playstation.com/playstation/board/message?board.id=ps3media&thread.id=110557 and a few others i haven’t listed. as far as i know, the 360 isn’t capable of these things, not without some serious changes to the hardware. you won’t need to alter the hardware on the ps3 to do this, the software already allows it.

    anyhow, i’m not an obsessive gamer, i juss enjoy my system of choice, and all it can do! so i’m glad i got it.

    i’ll prolly end up getting this game, not so sure tho. could be a fun driving experience:D

  • Raz said:

    “The Xbox is just like a dumb PC”

    Truer words were never spoken.

  • Mark said:

    Nothing we already didn’t know, and PS3rd kids still fucking cry.

  • judono said:

    well at least from a developers point of view who doesn’t only work on exclusives this makes a lot of sense. “the 360 has one big chunk of memory, but the PS3 has two chunks” very true statement here that people seem to over look. so it goes to say why make a console that on your first party DEVs could take advantage of? now that doesn’t make sense.

  • judono said:

    “The Xbox is just like a dumb PC”
    OH yeah someone else cought this..lol think of it as a dumb blonde that lets you do what you like with her.

    “The PS3 is a huge pain in the ass”
    and then this as the kids you wish you never had..ouch

  • nuyorican said:

    “The Xbox is just like a dumb PC”
    OH yeah someone else cought this..lol think of it as a dumb blonde that lets you do what you like with her.

    “The PS3 is a huge pain in the ass”
    and then this as the kids you wish you never had..ouch

  • nuyorican said:

    sorry judo had to

  • judono said:


    lol..i just find people who find articles like this hilarious.

  • nuyorican said:

    oh i see what you did there..HA! sarcasm well peace dude

  • 360 PPL try to sound smart said:

    360 ppl say “all you do is name K2, GOW3, GT5 blah blah blah”…ya well lets hear the games you got coming out that are better lookin than ours………Halo Wars? aaaaaaand……O Wait! you got nothing else

    Someone said that we are fanboys because “we wont admit that we wasted $400 on a crap system”…Does that make sense?

    OK then, 360 people are fanboys because they won’t admit they can’t afford one

  • 360 PPL try to sound smart said:

    Oh and if it sounded like I said that Halo Wars was better looking than our games, I didn’t intend to.

    Was just listing the games you have coming out this year

  • Gary said:

    Reading the article there’s no favouritism really. They are DEV’s and saying that the PS3 is a pain in the ass doesn’t mean the PS3 sucks or the 360 is better. We all know 360 and PS3 are architecturally different. Just because he said to start on the PS3 because it’ll work on the 360 and not the other way around doesn’t make one console better than the other. It’s a very balanced article….he also said that 360 is a dumb PC, which makes all the PS3 fanboys go….seeeeeeee…..PS3 IS better….but then the 360 fanboys say “but they he said that if you were to start developing on 360 and port it to PS3 it’s a pain in the arse”…lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala.

    If both console were the same then what’s the point of having two consoles….it’s all corporate propaganda and they all want our money.

    But PS3 is like like Clarke Kent…..rip off the cover and there’s a superman suit underneath….sometimes I feel like throwing it to see if it can fly.

    And the 360 is like Neo….could be the “one” it also glows red when threatened and gets all hot and flustered. Maybe it just gets it’s period and gets moody.

  • Mark said:

    To the guy: stop bitching and make games!

  • raw153 said:

    Hopefully other devs follow his advice and make PS3 the lead platform from now on. As for PS3 being harder to develop for, well, we all already knew this.

  • Rocky86 said:

    IT’s so funny that these developers say this, but other 3rd party developers like the developers of Wanted have come out and said that they love working with the PS3 so much, and if they had the chance they would make a PS3 exclusive title instead.(PSM Magazine)

    Also, this article is pretty balanced though, 360 is being talked about just as badly as PS3 is really, he just put a negative spin on the PS3 side of it that’s all. All PS systems are hard to develop for, this is pretty much fact. But Sony also is willing to work with other 3rd party developers AS MUCH AS THEY WANT and NEED to get the game done and looking good on the PS3 side of things.

  • Josly said:

    Without going fanboy or xbot, take this into consideration. When it comes to private programming and training to get devs used to all the ins and outs, it is extremely expensive. How expensive? The normal Information Technology application class by a private vendor normally runs between 7-10 thousand for a single week of training per student. Sony and their product are nothing more than a private vendor, who can take the time to “mentor” a studio that isn’t their own, and charge those rates. When this game started(2006 I once read but can’t find the source, but even if 2007 this still applies), they couldn’t piggy back off other non-Sony affiliated software companies to learn any type of help. Let alone paying to get training, they also have to make up for the work not getting done while attending the training. I instruct for a much larger software company (closing in on MS for the #1 [nothing to do with gaming though], so you figure it out), that most companies would rather pay over 50K a week for training to fly me in, rather than pay for one employee to go to one of our 125 training centers (every major city is covered).
    For someone to say that these guys are poor developers, because someone decided to change the system on them, is being ignorant to what the industry provides. Sony changed the game, whether for better or worse, but change takes time and resources, and unless the training fee is waved (Sony affiliates), makes adapting to the new environment extremely hard.
    I also definitely agree with LOL, just to boycott a game because the developer called out Sony for changing the development cycle is not only stupid, but also hurts things to come. If PS3 fans do not support 3rd party vendors, then you will eventually lose most if not all of them. Then when left to only exclusive titles, the PS3 will fail. Not that they may not be better than the 3rd party titles, but they will not be able to keep up enough frequency to make the game or the system financially viable.

  • 191621 said:

    look the way finance is at the moment, dev may or may not start developing on PS3. but if the 360 is so easy then i can’t see developers starting on the PS3. You ssee i love it when PS3 fans mention MGS4 KZ2 God or war 3, Unchanted and GT5. What you have to remember is that these game were launch titles. Even the head developer of GT said in many interviews Fonza 2 was wht GT5 should be like. When the in house lead developer makes that statement you have to wonder. how are the developers outside of sony managing to take the time to understand and develop software. when the competers are making game for other platforms and making a profit.

    The sad thing is because of what is happening in the world i would want to second guess the out come of the PS3, one this is for shore only Sony in house can get the best out of the machine and that takes time.

  • WitWolfyZA said:

    blah blah blah SSDD………….. PS3 is difficult to design for… PERIOD. Thats why PS3 exclusives take so long to develop. Dont give me that crap about. quality takes time. And you cant rush art. If its difficult ,its difficult! Thats why every 3rd party designer developes on the 360 and, just ports the damn thing. whaam bam thank you ma’am!

    so whoopi-do-di-do you!!! guys got one exclusive lined up for the whole freaking year. CONGRATS. Took like 3 years to make it. Having a PS3 exclusive is like waiting for the next olympics.

    -Lost Planet 2
    -Halo Wars
    -Race Pro
    -Forza 3
    -Alan Wake
    -Ocean Star
    -Blue Dragon 2
    -Splinter Cel:Conviction
    -Mass Effect 2

    Just look at that exclusive line up so far for X360. Wow…. Looks liek no one wants to cover PS3 anyways. BECASE EVERYTHING IS ON XBOX 360. Dont worry GT5 will be released soon with MAG, And GOW III

  • duh said:

    3rd party games cannot be optimized when being developed for the PS3 first, because they have to keep the 360’s limitations in mind this is the main reason I believe Konami kept MGS4 exclusive, because they did not want to sacrifice anything to make the game work on the 360.

    and its right, the PS3 does have 2 chunks of memory, which when used optimally can produce BETTER results that the 1 chunk of memory the xbox uses…

    the reason the PS3 is a “pain in the ass” for lower end developers like the people behind this game (which I comfortably believe will be a huge bust) is because it creates a market break. They do not want to spend the time needed to optimize the game for the PS3, because essentially it will cost them money, and they would rather just get it out on the shelves. The 360 is normally what developers start with since it is the console they have worked with the most (the 1 year head start).

    I’m GLAD the PS3 is a pain in the ass to develop for… it truly shows you which developers take pride in there work, and which companies are after fast money (cough* Ubisoft COUGH*)

  • duh said:

    Mass Effect 2 is multiplatform

  • duh said:

    so is splinter cell. plus splinter cell games suck anyway

  • Pretzel said:

    The politically incorrect thing to say is Wheelman looks a bit crap whichever platform you’re playing it on. Naughty Dog they are not.

  • Stedron said:


  • ROFL said:


    Man o’ man. first off blue dragon sucked ars, and was also a terrible anime on cartoon network. Secondly, have you done your research on your 360 exclusives? FYI alan wake has been in development for 3 years now..hey i guess the olympics already passed for making that 360 title huh? yeah seems like you barley would even play 2 of those exclusives you have listed too. ocean star!?!? lmao it’s called star ocean, and most likely that game is going to flunk. Mass 2, and splinter cell is coming to the ps3, but hell if splinter cell isn’t coming to the ps3 good because splinter cell sucks anyways. But i won’t lie only 2 exclusive i’ll be looking toward 360 is alan wake and ninja blade. otherwise eveerything is is an “epic” fail. Just like the 360 i had purchased…

  • cyborg ninja said:

    ok this is nonsense. Xbots are funny man. yes i’m a fan of the ps3 sue me. Alright here it goes. Someone stated that first partydevelopers take their time making their games. Well DUH. anoher thing that pissses me off is when they say that xbox360 is the lead developer because 360 has better “quality”. Umm no dumb fucks 3rd party developers just needs the fastest means of making their games so they can go on and make the next project. Thats why majority of the developers make their games on xbox360 so it can product faster so they can start on the next project in mind for quick bucks. I guarantee if developers actually took their time and developed on the ps3 tools they can make some high quality games. for an example look at the game called “rage”. it’s in development now multi-platform but they are talking about the 360 is limiting them for certain areas. I’m sorry but belive it or not the 360 is the one holding sony back on showing it’s true potential. If it was’nt for 3shitty i guarantee games will look 2 times better on the ps3 than it would look on the ps3.

  • janket said:

    witwolfyza lost planet isn’t an exclusive ya moron….http://www.edge-online.com/news/lost-planet-2-not-confirmed-exclusive

  • ChrisWanker said:

    If you’ve read the article about how MS and Sony’s CPUs are very similar, just used in different ways, then it makes you wonder… Why in the hell did Sony make the programming architecture so damn convoluted?!?

  • ChrisWanker said:

    @Cyborg Ninja,

    Which is why the PS3 is struggling. Time and money are the two major factors into this problem. And no, developers won’t take the time to learn the devkit for PS3 because that is MONEY! Money that devs CANNOT afford to loose.

    God Bless This Recession!

  • TheTruth said:

    Alan Wake is in developing for 3 or 4 years jajajajaja yeah the PS3 exclusive according to the Xbots take more time blah blah blah….

    Uncharted: Drake´s Fortune take´s like 2 year in development, Uncharted 2 the same time.

    PS3 list for 2009:

    Killzone 2
    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    God of War III
    Heavy Rain
    Gran Turismo 5 (if we are lucky)
    The Agency
    MBL 09: The Show

    All of these are COMPLETE GAMES NO DCL.

    All that X360 have is:

    Lost Damned (a DLC of GTA IV, NO COMPLETE GAME)
    Splinter Cell: Conviction (which have like 4 years in development and for this moment there is nothing show of him, i think Ubisof could transform this game from an exclusive of the X360 to a multplatform game, to afford the economic problems in the world.)

    Alan Wake (no release date for this year)

    Star Ocean 4

    HALO: Wars jajaja why buy this if we had Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3.

    Mass Effect 2 (will be multiplatform)
    Lost Planet 2 (multiplatform)

    The point is the 3rd party developers should by this moment developing better games, the problem is their mediocre strategy to think first in the easiest machine to work (X360) them think in how to port it to PS3, or think in the limitations of the X360 to made the game less in PS3 to them port it to X360 whatever the result is, the game will be a crap. So that´s why i prefer the exclusive games rather than the multicrapform games.

  • TheRealDeadaim said:

    If this guy isn’t good enough to do his job I suggest he seeks employment elsewhere instead of throwing the toys out the pram.

  • leeshak said:

    i love all you PS3 owners trying to find meaning in the money you wasted on your system it’s very sad Metal gear had to kill it’s self to sell a million copies and Xbox is the bad system HA

    P.S source for metal gear Gameinformer

  • leeshak said:

    ALSO no mass-effect 2 will not be multi platform. Are you an idiot? Microsoft makes mass effect! do some research before you speak please.
    You might get lucky with lost planet 2 but that games sucks anyway you can have it.

  • topic munch said:

    Leeshak only reason why mgs4 didn’t sell fast because of the lack of ps3 owners. and why? because of the ps3 price. I guarantee you if it was on xbox mgs4 would have sold like 10-12m copies….oh yeah and did you do reasearch? MGS4 already sold over 5 million copies.

  • SoulAssassin808 said:

    The PS3 fanboys posting here are just showing the world how sad they are, you don’t see Xbox fanboys complaining because the xbox is a dumm pc, its just whenever the PS3 fanboys feel attacked they tend to react with stupid shit like over half the comments above (or under depending where this comment will end up)

  • DEXTER said:

    It’s a movie game.It’s gonna suck anyway.Unless the chronicles of riddick formula holds true.Vin must scare developers.MY MOVIE GAME WILL NOT SUCK!!!!lol

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