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Call of Duty: WaW map pack announced

18:5010/02/2009Posted by David Scammell196 Comments

Treyarch has announced that a multiplayer map pack for Call of Duty: World at War will be released this March on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and PC.

The map pack, imaginatively titled DLC Map Pack #1, contains three new multiplayer maps as well as an additional level for the unlockable Nazi Zombies mode.

In “Nightfire,” players take to the streets of a war-ravaged Berlin with only the flames of the burning city to expose the enemy.
“Station” offers a bombed out underground train station littered with hidden passageways and destroyed subway cars.
Knee Deep
“Knee Deep” takes place on the island of Peleliu in a once tranquil village turned chaotic Japanese command center.
Verrückt (Zombie Asylum)
The fan favorite 4-player co-op Nazi Zombies Bonus Mode returns with “Verrückt,” a terrifying Zombie asylum featuring more weapons, perks via the addition of Perks-a-Cola machines, electroshock defenses and the endless zombie horde.

“The team has been very quiet regarding details of our DLC until now, and we’re so excited to let this content loose,” said a spokesperson for Treyarch.

A price for the map pack was not revealed.

UPDATE: Map Pack 1 will cost 800 MS Points and release on March 19th. A PSN price is yet to be confirmed.

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  • bballmanku said:

    is this for 360??

  • me! said:

    I think cod waw is the best thing ever!!!! :P bring on zombie mothers 4 me to kill!!!!!

  • Svfighter12 said:

    I’m gonna buy it the minute it comes out.

  • sertysh said:

    wen in march is it realeased ??

  • nooka911 said:

    Anybody know what day in March it is going to be released???

  • Spoon19 said:

    Yeah i would like to know a specific day all i’ve heard is march???

  • megadog said:

    my friend told me that it comes out march 9th but im not 100% on dat

  • matt024mjd said:

    that sucks then if its coming out on the ninth thats a monday, though i cant wait why couldnt it come out on like a friday? also why arnt there any screenshots anywere, there is only one that i could find and its not that descriptive

  • draconus787 said:

    you can see some gameplay on this maps on the latest episode of GTTV on gametrailers.com.

  • crazylillou said:

    Good there bringing out the new maps but hope they are free, i mean why should the ps3 and xbox gamers have too pay for the other maps on call of duty: Modern Warfare when the pc get it free. Its only 3 maps and a zombie asylum, there is know way it is worth anything when we go out an pay for the game, aswell when the maps come out on call of duty: Modern Warefare they brang out a new game so you could get all of the maps for free. But previous exstreme cod fans buy it the day it comes out and then have too pay more. The maps do look and sound very good even though little is known about them. I hope there is no glitches too so we don’t get no noobs trying too cheat!

  • jeff said:

    its free on pc because theres no use if ur able to download from anywhere once someone gets it

  • louis said:

    anyone no how much they are

  • lewis said:

    WHY THEY NOT OUT ITS THE 9TH OF MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Josh said:

    lewis its not here for me to but, its proberly coming out in a few hours :D

  • kirkyboy1 said:

    OMG CANT WAIT USE GUYS 2 hope its out soon

  • jake said:

    it must be realeased later when a xbox live update will take place not sure

  • sniper said:

    i have spoke to some friends they said it is free is it?

  • dumber19er said:

    um still not out on ps3 yet guys check checking.. i really cannot wait any longer im dieing just thinking of the new zomie asylum :)

  • connor said:

    5:oo pm and it still ant out.!!!!!!!!

  • Big_fat_liar said:

    Its out its out. My god its out! Happy CODing.

  • Connor said:

    I get it your name is BIG FAT LIAR

  • mememe said:

    ummm, its only 1130 am on the ninth where I am at… silly people!

  • Connor said:

    So does anyone know when its coming out

  • lloyd said:


  • Connor said:

    Are you sure its out… where do u live…. like england or america type thing

  • mark-irish said:

    17:58. not out!!!

  • Big_fat_liar said:

    Connor you pwned me

  • Cunt said:


  • kirkyboy1 said:


  • lloyd said:

    i am in england and i got it you have to do a update on the setting for the nazi buyable map pack then you go on to the ps3 store and shearh for c and there is cod W@W part click on there then you but it for £10 this has been ou for like 1 hour my friend told me how to do it x :]

  • Connor said:

    how do i do the update

  • mark-irish said:

    wen is it out. still not..stil not out!!!

  • lloyd said:

    well you go into setting and do a internet download the go ont o the ps3 store if it says there r no updates then turn off ps3 and set it on fire then tryt i am not.



  • Connor said:

    i am on XBOX

  • lloyd said:

    WELL KEEP TRYING IT IS SO WORTH IT =]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]


    =] X

  • lloyd said:




  • Connor said:

    ok dnt rub it in my cod randomly stopped workin and whenever i set it up it says the disk is unreadable

  • lloyd said:



  • kirkyboy1 said:


  • stephen said:

    does anybody know if the maps are out on xbox live yet??? my m8s who have the ps3 r teasing me and saying that they r well gd so if anybody knows PLZ PLZ PLZ TELL ME

  • Connor said:


  • Stephens said:

    cod: WaW isnt workin for me at the minute, Xbox 360 user ;)
    guessin they are upsating; can any1 tell me how much it is going to cost? :/ tap bk x

  • stephen said:

    err ok my xbox dont work all the time so i can only check it at bout 7 ish

  • Connor said:

    myne dnt work…

  • stephen said:

    my cod waw is working fine

  • weiner said:

    its not out on any console yet until 8.30pm, i read it off the cod website so whoever said its out now is a liar cos its not and me and all my m8s haven’t got it so there.

  • stephen said:

    what is the cod website?

  • weiner said:

    go on google and type cod in but u hav to be a member and that takes a while.

  • stephen said:

    ok thanks

  • Byanheed said:

    Wheres the fukin maps?

  • A FAT NERD 99 (xbox live) said:

    where are the bloody maps… i dont see the thing about the maps on the cod website! they have let us wait long enough… and they even have messed up all the games atm cause it says that my disc cant be read :S

  • suck nuts said:

    yea 4 360 hope this is 4 real!!!!!!

  • stephen said:

    this is so anoying why cant they just say when they will release the maps on xbox live

  • walshmister said:

    i think lloyd is a liar but anyway we will see 8.30 tonight i have hope that lloyd is telling his fellow man the TRUTH dont get your hopes up guys

  • stephen said:

    has anybody got the maps

  • its out said:


  • Ive gt it said:

    go to playstation home and its there. then just download!

  • jaylowe said:

    its not out for 360 yet :(

  • Gilbo said:

    can somebody please tell me how to doenload these on ps please

  • Hi said:

    This is so shit i just want the new maps to be honest
    PS3 Is shit
    xbox is cool:D

  • Gilbo said:

    xbox is for waankers mate

  • Hi said:

    youre ugly gilbo !!!

  • PS3=Better said:

    the maps have not come out on ANY console yet, so can the noobs that keep messing around just STOP

    and well said Gilbo

  • jon twin said:

    Why are the maps not out for the 360, its b.s how much you pay for live and cant even get good service. (500pm. eastern time)

  • Hi said:


    mate your a gorm look at you

    you say stop messin around and stop to the people who say the maps out

    get a life mate and dont cry about it you sad jew

  • scott said:

    I just sign in and it asked me to download the update, ive got the maps and there free! ive got a ps3

  • Hi said:

    ballshit scott you ginger

  • scott said:

    HA! pipe down U son of a bitch,
    its out dont believe me!
    and ginger lol as if

  • Hi said:

    i wont believe you because your name only has 1 silibal scott

  • porkyboyjamie said:

    iill bang you all boiz :D

  • sore toe said:

    im having surgery on my toe tomoz 8-(

  • im ash and im strong said:

    your mum sucked your toe to hard

  • porkyboyjamie said:

    i think that scott needs a girldfriend tbh, he sounds like a EMO with no fucking life.

  • soar knee cap said:

    what should i do, a dwarf kicked me and my knee cap fell off

    i think i could be bleeding

  • PS3=Better said:

    we’ve completely gone off the original topic of new cod5 maps

  • browner said:

    oi porky

  • porkyboyjamie said:


  • browner said:

    do you think beths pretty?

  • dik eds said:

    your all stupid its says march 09 not the 9th of march ur all stupid just give uo for tonight

  • jon twin said:

    it says march 9th for the xbox and ps3 on the sight

  • adam said:

    bloody shocking

  • Tucker Da cod man killer noob boper said:

    When the hell is it comin for 360 im pissed shitless

  • your mom said:

    wtf what time is itt????????///

  • your mom said:

    no really i need the time really??? ;p

  • Slayer1 said:

    Okay it supposed to be released March 9th 5:32 p.m.(pacific time) so for me itll be out 8:32 about 2 hours

  • adam is a fag said:

    my name says it all

  • jon twin said:

    thanks slayer

  • Slayer1 said:

    No problem

  • hack man said:

    ok well its 10 49 and these fucking maps arent comming or have they yet came out on xbox its so stupid for fuck sack(ffs)

  • Slayer1 said:

    Its only &:00 here on the east coast

  • hack man said:

    lol still should be out

  • hack man said:

    hopefully its free tho cus 10£ lol for maps lol

  • real news said:

    the maps pack wll be realesed at 8:30 pacific stander time which i am at is is only 7:00pm hear so another 1hr or so

  • Slayer1 said:

    Whoops, i meant 7:00. and its 7:20 now. C’mon map pack! I also heard that the map pack is gonna be 800 microsoft points.

  • dumbasses said:

    Hmm…with a name like real news we should all believe him! Fuckin queers. It says March of 2009…weather or not that means today or the other 22 days in the month noone knows..Fuck you you stupid brittish fucks.Fucking Prat tosser(tosser (idiot) prat (incompetent)

  • Cbine said:

    It’s 5:40 here and still no map pack for ps3!

  • thelandlorrd2 said:

    so is it coming out 8:30 eastern

  • real news said:


  • thelandlorrd2 said:

    how do u know

  • dumbasses said:

    he knows because hes “The Real News”

  • thelandlorrd2 said:

    oh well isnt he special =), 20 minutes apparently at 8:30 wut do i have 2 do

  • real news said:

    hey dumeass quit be a dumeass

  • dumbasses said:

    becasue that really made sense

  • dumbasses said:

    Hmmm…8:32 No Maps

  • thelandlorrd2 said:

    where are they buddy 8:36

  • PI5TAK3R said:

    They are coming out march 10th. 6pm english time.
    My sources are an treyarch representative.
    So shut the hell up you stupid American piece of trass.

  • thelandlorrd2 said:

    ya right buddy show me the link

  • dumbasses said:

    Its your Idiot England Compainions that are the ones saying that its coming out March 9th…So what stupid americans are you talking about again?

  • PI5TAK3R said:

    My dad has alot of contacts in the gaming industries.
    And I asked my dad to cal a friend and his friend a treyarch representative said there coming out march 10th. 6pm English time.

  • suck nuts said:

    yall can all shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im american n i can do all the things that english dudes can do so……………… GO SUCK A STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Condog said:

    so is it out yet????

  • dumbasses said:

    Sothat would be After 1am tonight (monday march 9th)….According to another so called “treyarchs dad friend”

  • Condog said:

    well ois it out for xbox : YES OR NO?

  • dumbasses said:


  • Condog said:


  • Condog said:

    trhats bullshit thats its nots outs yets i hates thats.

  • Condog said:

    im pretty sure that i am making the last comment hahahahaha lol.

  • Condog said:


  • PI5TAK3R said:

    Your an American Nobhead who has his balls stuck up your own arse and your 1.3cm dick stuck up your mamas pussy.
    And all you Americans should go on a god dam diet coz you make us look anerexic.
    And please explain to the thing you call a president what soap and water is.

  • PI5TAK3R said:

    It’s out in 16 hours and 24 minutes from now.

  • Cbine said:

    Why don’t they tell us a date?

  • Tucker Da cod man killer noob boper said:

    Yo obama dosent need soap hes clean

  • SIKwitit said:

    Obamas a awesome prez! where the F is the new maps? brittish people can be so dumb sometimes geez isn’t it tea time anyways;)

  • Your Mum + My crumpet = Good times said:

    Yeah it is tea time. I’ve invited your mama round to a nice big piece of my crumpet inside her.

  • Gilbo said:

    americans are nobs and most of them have 360’s wich makes them even smaller nobs =]

  • SIKwitit said:

    My moms not into women. Why don’t you learn how to speak english instead of that mumbojumbo bullshit you speak ps…your not cool cuz you play cricket without shin guards FAG!

  • SIKwitit said:

    My moms not into women. Why don’t you learn how to speak english instead of that mumbojumbo bullshit you speak ps…your not cool cuz you play cricket without shin guards.

  • brorape said:


  • mark-irish said:

    uz americans are soo fat and cant read!! 6pm ENGLISH TIME!!SO STOP ASKING WAT TIME ITS SOO ANOYING!!! OBAMA RULEZ

  • PS3=Better said:

    6pm tonight?

  • mark-irish said:

    yeah english time

  • PS3=Better said:


  • UK Man with half a brain said:

    Do you honestly think a company with any idea of what they are doing with regards to a mass software rollout would ever publish an exact time of availablity!!!

    With over 1 million of CoD (And from reading the above most of them are annoying 13 year olds who shouldn’t be playing the game anyway), what do you think if everyone tried to download the map pack in one go???

    I garantee they are doing a phased rollout of the software to about 10,000 xbox users per hour, so yes, some of you might have the pack, others won’t at the moment.

    So I know lets all moan at the developers, call them cunts, dicks and assholes cause that will really motivate them to ever make any more map packs.

    Think about it people, or in fact don’t as you’ll probably get a migrane!!!

  • stephen said:

    all right english pps american pps stop killing each other and plz make it clear will the maps be out by now?

  • Mci3000 said:


  • dazboy said:

    Apparently on ps3 in the uk it will be out on friday so just wait
    I think its because thats when the psn updates the store shit but true the xbox updates every night so they got it sooner

  • stephen said:

    kl i got xbox thanks

  • real news said:

    its not out its 600 pm english time know its 300 in america

  • TRUE said:

    Does any one know when the maps come out

  • Ryan said:

    i heard sometime today

  • stephen said:

    still not out on xbox

  • a25546 said:

    wen is it post 2 come out it is 406 pm east cost

  • a25546 said:

    this is stupid

  • a25546 said:

    any 1 there

  • Ryan said:

    i’ve heard many things some say yesterday it was gonna happen. some say today, and others say not for awhile, haven’t heard anything definitive.

  • stephen said:

    all the places i have looked on just sed sometime in march so it could be any day

  • Treyarch Representative said:

    Ok…Here it is Tuesday the 10th of March and I’m sure all of you are wondering “where is the map pack?!”….As clearly posted on the Call of Duty Website, We will be releasing this map pack in MARCH OF 2009. We cannot list a specific date, however what I can say is everyone is up for a very pleasant surprise. Im sorry we cannot give a date, but it will be out this month. Thanks for Gaming with Treyarch!

  • SLANGA said:


  • sniper said:

    when is the map pack out i need to know i bought microsoft points for it and i need to know when it is coming out on xbox 360

  • We'd like you better... said:

    Trayarch Rep., if treyarch didnt suck so much and gave us a date, we’d be happier to game with treyarch, but frankly you’re pissing people off. Get us a date, man.

  • stephen said:

    i agree

  • Treyarch Representative said:

    Ok people, I just went to my supervisor and let him know about all this controversy that is conspiring. I am authorized to say that the Map Pack will NOT (won’t) be out this week. We are working on minor glitches and will presumably be out in the next 9-14 days. Im sorry once again we cannot give you a date, however for a bunch of people that are downing my firm, I do not see how you all are so desperate to get it.

  • Condog said:

    now i have THE LAST COMMEnT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Treyarch Representative said:

    Excuse me not “how you all are so desperate to get it” I meant “Why you all are so desperate”

  • Condog said:


  • Condog said:

    bullshit that that treyarch is reaslly a representitive

  • how do you not know who i am said:

    yea i know wtf: treyarch representative prob does not work for treyarch

  • crouchy said:


  • FGx Smithy said:


  • sck my dck said:

    were the fck r the god dam maps
    anyone actually know?

    sck my dick?

  • josh said:

    yeah its not comming out till the end of march just talked to Treyarch rep…call them guys stop bitchin ill be here in 9-14 days just like the guy said up there

  • A Guy said:

    Josh u are retarded. Why the hell would a treyarch rep visit this site. Oh yea they wouldn’t! Come on, if they would inform a site/forum it would be under gamespot or some other very popular video game sites. You are the one posting that crap as treyarch rep. Also to everyone. How retarded are you? You think when a site says “March ‘09″ means march 9 2009 then learn to read. Putting ‘09 means 2009, it’s a shortcut in putting 2009. Now everyone can wait and just stop thinking about it. It will be coming soon. To everyone that says their dad or have called treyarch are all liars. First of all look at the people that have said it so far… They have been wrong. Also the people who say they called them. They are liars also. Come on, you go to the treyarch website the only think available is a support email. God people are so stupid!!

  • ass hole said:

    I heard they will be out at 9:00 pm eastern time march 11 for xbow according to CoD.Com

  • Treyarch Representative AKA Josh said:

    Finally! But for real it did shut them up for like 30 minutes by offering them peice of mind…plus its was just fun!

  • josh said:

    Oh and btw there is no COD.Com….Its callofduty.com and there is no info reguarding the map pack.

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