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LittleBigPlanet Beta Key Giveaway!

14:1925/09/2008Posted by D+PAD Staff406 Comments

D+PAD has teamed up with SCEE to offer our readers a chance to get into the LittleBigPlanet beta currently taking place on PlayStation Network.

We have a limited number of beta keys to give away to lucky readers, and to enter all you need to do is send an email to lbpbeta@dpadmagazine.com with your name and email address. Simple! And if you’ve entered, why not leave a comment to let us know?

Keys are only valid for UK PSN users, so please don’t enter if you reside anywhere else in the world. Sorry about that!

The beta is already up and running and ends on October 12th, giving you plenty of time to try out Sackboy’s new adventure.

The competition closes at 6pm BST on Friday 26th September, so make sure to get your entry in before then! Winners will be selected at random at the time of the competition’s closure. Good luck!

UPDATE: The LittleBigPlanet Beta Key Giveaway is now closed.

We’d like to thank the overwhelming number of you that entered the competition, though we must forewarn everyone that the demand greatly exceeded the amount of keys we had available. Sorry if you weren’t one of the lucky ones, but better luck next time!

Winners are being randomly selected now and will be emailed their code later this evening. If you’ve entered be sure to add lbpbeta@dpadmagazine.com to your email safe list and then just cross your fingers!

UPDATE 2: All winners have now been notified and keys have been sent out.

Again, commiserations to those of you that weren’t so lucky (we know there are a lot of you who are desperate to have a go, we wish we could have gotten you all keys!), but to those that did win, have fun in LittleBigPlanet! Thanks again to everyone that entered and to SCEE for supplying us with keys.

LittleBigPlanet Beta Giveaway Terms & Conditions:
1. Competition open to UK PSN users only with a valid email address.
2. One entry permitted per person. Multiple entries will be discarded.
3. Closing date for entries is 26th September 2008, 6pm BST.
4. Winners will be selected at random and keys will be sent out within 24 hours of the competition closing.
5. Entrants will be added to D+PAD’s mailing list. Your details will not be passed on to any third parties.
6. Editor’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  • Guy Gildersleve said:

    Woo, perhaps i can try and get a beta key after all :D

    Thanks DPad!

  • david said:

    i hope i get it

  • Jamie Reader said:

    Here’s hoping I have a chance! Thanks a lot!

  • Nextil said:

    Awesome, I entered. Hopefully I will get in the beta after all.

  • kadab said:

    cool thanks is it really that easy

  • Atoms11 said:

    Good luck everyone!

  • Andy said:

    Awesome to see you guys doing a compo for just us UK people for once, so no Yanks can flood it with entries! Good job!

  • Heya said:

    Nice, now I can only sit back and hope for the best.

  • TAPAKAH said:

    i hope i get it

  • Dean said:

    Entered! Quick and easy.

    Thanks for doing this for UK residents!

  • ajay said:

    Nice job Dpad, hope I get one!

  • Ydf said:

    I hope I get into the Beta, the wait is killing me!

  • startazz said:

    Great have just sent a reply just hope and pray for a beta key know lol,good luck to everyone else who replyed.

  • Connor Boyle said:



  • Nick said:

    Fingers crossed!

  • Dev said:

    I sent it… let’s hope I get one.

  • marco said:

    i just did it! really hope i got in! i want this game real bad!

  • blaccat said:

    Thank you guys

    finger crossed, i get lucky

  • Ikkarus said:

    Good luck everyone!

    Here’s hoping Lady luck decides to shine upon me!

  • Justin said:

    Wow Thank god!!

    An actual REAL chance of getting in the beta!!

    best of luck guys!!

  • Aamir said:

    Just sent an e-mail in. Good luck, chaps.

  • meathaxeurope said:

    Thanks hope i get a reply!

  • SasZs said:

    Here’s hoping.

  • Ramon Thomson said:

    Crossing my fingers and hoping I got one!

  • Dazed said:

    Thanks for the chance! – good luck fellas!

  • Ian Strain said:


  • DeadFish said:

    Cheers – Sent an email.

    Good luck everybody!

  • Peter said:

    Hope this is my ticket in :D

    Been looking for an exclusive UK one :)

    Good luck all. Any word on when the replies will come. Go D+Pad!

  • Dave Havok said:

    Awesome! I hope I get one!

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Adam said:

    Cheers guy, sent an email!

  • Victor said:

    Sent one thanks D-Pad hope I get in!!

  • Jonathan said:

    Just sent an email! Good luck all!

  • Tia Maria said:

    Here goes nothing. ;_;

  • Alex said:

    I hope I get one. Please?

  • klaabu320 said:

    i hope i get one :)

  • Asphyxiate said:

    Thanks for the opportunity d-Pad!

  • Matt said:


  • Doky said:

    Wow Thanks!

  • James G said:

    hope i get a code :)

  • felipe said:

    here’s more hope >.>

  • Mark said:

    Thanks for the chance D-PAD, now i can only hope to get in

  • Maciej Tomaszewski said:

    good luck

  • Kashad said:

    I sent you my mail too! Name: Kashad. Email: kashadoo@mail.ru

  • Jimy said:

    Just sent one !!! I reallllllllllllllllllllllllllly want in !!!
    Good luck to all !!!!


  • Jack said:

    Yay, fingers crossed…i hope i get in..ahhh im so excited

  • Kashad said:

    I sent you mail with my PSN identity. Name: Kashad. Email: kashadoo@mail.ru

  • Minas said:

    Thanx guys!!! I just send the mail!!! hope!!!!!!!!!

  • Crowlerzors said:

    Thank you very much! I’ve entered, I really hope I get this key :)

  • Jan said:

    Wow – hearing good things about this so hopefully, fingers crossed I will be smooshing Sack Boy soon!!! :)

  • René said:

    Thanks D+Pad

  • Danny said:

    I send a mail to.. *crosses sacky fingers*

  • victoria said:


  • doomsday619 said:

    Wooo fingers crossed thankyou DPad keep up the good work!

  • Ollie said:

    This would be so awesome because I go to Uni soon and won’t get to play LBP til Xmas otherwise! Fingers crossed indeed…

  • TY said:

    God, I’m like a 5 year old on Christmas Eve.

    I hope I get one!!

  • Smit80 said:

    Yeah, Thanks D+Pad!

  • Odin89 said:

    I hope it works…

  • James said:

    Ive sent an email!

  • James said:

    I mailed ya weeee

  • sco0504 said:

    Send you an email ;)
    Please give me a code, I’m a 100% British innit blod

  • devilCake said:

    I hope i will win a key, i want enter the LBP beta so badly…


    thanks for helping us UK users out

  • Matt L said:

    I’ll try my luck, LBP looks so fun.

  • Leszek said:

    Thanks for all

  • James G said:

    hope i get a token

  • bignatt said:

    fingers crossed!!

  • Lorenzo said:

    Attempt #2731!

  • Colin said:

    Good luck PPL


  • almanay said:

    just sent one …

  • Jaime said:

    Thanks :)

  • Ron said:

    I’m in!

  • Cerbus said:

    Good luck all.

  • oskwish said:


  • Michael said:

    Good luck i send one

  • Mugz11 said:

    prayin to the lord

  • os said:


  • Kas said:

    Sent one. Thanks for the this Dpad

  • rich said:

    good luck but i hope i get in

  • jason said:


  • Philip Yarnell said:

    Thanks for this chance to get in the beta, good luck all!

  • Don said:

    oh mai gawd, the wait is killing me!!!

  • ShidaPenns said:

    I entered. Here’s hoping…

  • Alastair said:

    Sent my email!!

  • Andy Taylor said:

    Fingers are crossed…thanks fellas

  • gones said:

    Good luck everyone! o yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • chistina said:

    Let me in please :)

  • Michael Crozier said:

    E-mail sent. Let me in to the beta pleeeeeeeassse, I’m british aswell. PSN ID: micromagic

  • Jimmy said:

    Thanks D+Pad for giving us UK lot the opportunity to try out the game! lets get our creative juices flowing!!

  • Christian said:

    comon’ comon’ ! lets win :p

  • Andy said:

    I wonder how many keys they have?

  • Ryan said:

    just sent in hope this isnt a scam can someone reasure me?

  • joby said:

    entered.. and fingers crossed!

  • UKstoreFannn said:

    Hope ill get one! I tried everywhere and nothig :(

  • w0mbat said:

    Hoping for good news direct to my inbox after 6pm tomorrow! Seriously Dpad, thanks for the chance to get one finally…… fingers crossed.

  • Aya Ichimoto said:

    I sent the email, hope I manage to get in!
    Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  • Tim Shields said:

    Fingers crossed, I assume they will need a whole lot of users for stress-testing.

    And there was me thinking the UK got a bum deal on Betas, the alst one I was involved in was the original SOCOM release on PS2.

  • saad said:

    i was one of the first to mail.hope i get lucky….give a beta key plzzz

  • Faisal said:


    My Email Address is : Hitsugaya.Toushiro.10@gmail.com

    please I want the Beta


  • Joe said:

    Can’t wait!

  • Dev said:

    i realy want to get in and i have sent u an email hope u pick me thanks very much

  • Dwarfsmuggler said:

    Good luck everyone

  • Dev said:

    i sent an email hope to get in!!!!!thanks very much

  • BeardySteve1 said:

    Just entered, so want this game!!! Good luck to everybody!!!!

  • Live_Feed said:

    Hope i get in. All my MGO clanmates have beta access :< Lucky arseholes :<

  • llopels said:

    Thanks D+pad!!!

  • mike said:

    yo let me in please i love dpadmagazine wooooooooooooooooooot

  • Simon said:

    Oh man it’d be fantastico if I got a key!!!

  • straits said:

    Thanks for this! good luck peeps!

  • Bandar said:

    thank you i hope i get it ^_^

  • Sheik said:

    What a great competition. :)

    Really looking forward to this, thanks.

  • Lee said:

    Fingers and toes crossed :>

  • Jhon Smith said:

    You guy are great!Thank you!!

  • andylad said:

    fingers crossed for a key…..havent been so hyped for a game in years.

    from all the comments it lives up to the massive hype already.

    cheers for the oppurtunity dpad.

    good luck everyone.

  • Peej said:

    Applied! ta!

  • bill said:

    please pick me

  • Christopher Elam said:


  • Davey Loghmouth said:

    Hope i got it im very excited bout it :P

  • Michael said:

    I hope we all get in. Wouldn’t that be nice.

  • Kevin said:

    Thanks for giving us the chance of getting a beta key. Now just hope I’ll get one :P

  • Mauricio said:

    You guy are great!Thank you, Thank you, Thank youuuuuuuuu!!

  • Nick Lender said:

    Man I Hope I get this I’ve wanted this game for ahile now, I Love the Idea

  • Jamie said:

    I hope I get it as I’m a proper UK resident…

  • Chris said:

    Hope I get one!! This game is going to be the game to own!

  • liquidus118 said:

    Woo! Finally, I’m in with a chance :)

  • Mark said:

    I entered, Hook a brotha up….Please

  • SackboyLover said:

    Thank you so much D+Pad <3

  • littlenuthead said:

    cheers D+PAD finally keys 4 the brits

  • FedRaLi said:

    I entered hope 2 get the beta key

  • FedRaLi said:

    I entered hope 2 get the beta key goodluck 2 every 1

  • Liam Dingsdale said:

    Oooh, these beta keys are popping up everywhere :D
    only.. they are currently evading me >=(
    Here’s hoping this entry pays off =D

  • Andre said:

    Hope i will get one

  • Alex said:

    I entered, I’ve tried sooo many different sites!

    Please guys!

    Anyway, here’s hoping!

  • Matiss said:

    I sent one. Thank You D+Pad very much.

  • custard said:

    With the number of people who want these, I don’t hold out much hope of getting one, but this game is probably the defining one of it’s generation, to get in on the beta would be awesome!

  • jim said:

    fingers crossed

  • 1iceman said:

    sent my email dress

    *hopes for the best*

  • Maiders said:

    Hope the game is up to the hype! Can’t wait to play…(fingers and everything else crossed)!

  • Rez said:

    emailed you lot, i really really really want a key. please please please bring christmas early!

  • Midnight said:

    Can’t wait to start developing levels for this beauty :)

  • MikeGana said:

    Thanks DPAD. Hope I mak eit into the Beta. I already have a level that I’m designing on paper. It’s got a really cool theme.. all I’m saying is “train robbers”. Bu tIhope it plays as good as it does in my head lolz!!!

  • Cookie said:

    I hope I will get one finally ! :)

  • Ashley said:

    cheers mate emailed u :)

  • James said:

    Thanks for the oppertunity guys!

  • Gordon said:


    thanks for the chance!!!

  • Shaz said:

    fingers crossed. Cant wait for LBP!

  • Dabookerman said:

    Sent one, hope i get it

  • Chris A said:

    Fantastic Contest! Well done, here’s hoping I get mine!

    -Chris A, Boston Massachusetts

  • Chris Ellis-Blower said:

    thanks for this hope i win

  • Ryan said:

    Please, please, please( fingers crossed) :)

  • saad said:

    let me in plzz.i am uk resident.my psn id= toxic_violence

  • Mick said:

    Hope to get into this beta in a LittleBig way.

  • saad said:

    let me in plzz :(

  • haydxn said:

    My sack-arms are crossed in anticipation

  • bene said:

    Thanks again D+Pad. Lets hope we all get one.

  • Alex said:

    Email sent, Thanks for the opportunity :)

  • James Hawkins said:

    Thanks for the oppurtunity I hope I get a code!!! Good luck to everyone else

  • Mark said:

    Keeping my fingers crossed.. been following this game since forever, would love to try it out.

  • fishmoose said:

    Cool i appreciate you do this, good luck mates!

  • Prosdo said:

    This game looks awesome!

  • Endymion86 said:

    I entered! Here’s hoping I get a code! I’ve missed out on all of the other sites’ offerings…

  • Stephanie said:

    Hoping to get a key

  • andrew coulthard said:

    Great stuff, I hope I get one as I never get picked for anything. :(

    *fingers crossed*

  • Costas Lepidas said:

    I will love to take place in this beta test this is my favorite game i am Costas Lepidas and my psn id : klepidas7 my email is klepidas7@yahoo.gr if you want sent me a key

  • SoulReaperQ8 said:


    hope i get the key :D

  • Dolley94 said:

    Hope i get a code and good luck to all ive been hunting for days! GL

  • Anthony said:

    Thank you for helping us out! I wasn’t able to get a key from Eurogamer so I’m hoping I get lucky here.

  • Barnaby1990 said:

    Thanks guys, hope i can get one!

  • dan said:

    do we put in PSN username, or our actual name?

  • mark said:

    Here’s hoping again

  • jumah said:

    here’s hoping

  • Will said:

    Hope i get in!

  • Jay said:

    Hope I get in

  • Sherkle kinkle said:

    Well iv entered

    Good luck to everyone!

    i know i wont win im too unlucky but ah well worth the try.

    think this is now my 6th or 7th attempt at getting a beta code.


  • Br0ken said:

    It’s great you’re doing this by selecting winners randomly. Unlike stupid Eurolamer!

    I’m playing the beta already so I won’t enter but thought you deserved some praise.

  • grant said:

    yeah, unfortunately couldn’t get into the eurogamer beta as the servers were bombed with users and it was too slow, hopefully i could get into this one as i am so hyped for the game!

  • GUESS said:


    i wish i got the code

  • AndrySly(PSN) said:

    WoW!!! I Love Little Big Planet Beta! I Love You D-Pad!! Very Good, Thank’s D-PAD!!!:-)

  • Thedude185 said:

    good job, i hope i get in

  • Isaac said:

    thanks a lot dpad!
    i need to get into this demo

  • Patrick said:


    Hope i can get the beta key…i really want one

    Good luck

  • LJJF said:

    I’ve entered – now I play the waiting game!!!

    Thanks D-PAD!!

  • Lloyd said:

    I tried.. let’s hope i get in

  • Barry said:

    Just entered, keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Daniel said:

    Thanks I hope I get into this also….

  • Adam73 said:

    Fingers crossed!

  • stvw74 said:

    There’s not a chance in hell I’ll get to play this before release but at least I tried .. meh!

    Thanks D-PAD!!

  • RTownsend said:

    Sent! Crossing my fingers!

  • Marti said:

    I’m trying to get this for my bf. I hope i win xx

  • play viciao said:

    good luck to all

  • B Lam said:

    Woo hope I get in too, good luck everyone.

  • marty8370 said:

    Here’s hoping I get in.

  • zxspectrum said:

    fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed. Hope I get one

  • Gustavo Alves said:

    Please give me a key!!!

  • deftangel said:

    Woo! Nice mag I’ll stick around to have a look :) Entered also :D

  • SOOPERGOOMAN187 said:

    I helped 40 people get into the socom beta, can ONE person please help me get into the LBP Beta? Please admin pick me for on the of the beta keys….

  • chazer55 said:

    plz plz plz i really want this so much.
    ive entered
    hope i get it!!

  • Nick said:

    good luck everyone. hopefully all winners will be from the uk

  • Paul said:

    plz plz plz, i keep missing all the beta key giveaways, good luck every one!!!!

  • TheDepressed said:

    Wow, what an offer…I’m so desparate to get into this thing!! Good luck everyone else but I hope I get in :p

  • James said:

    Woohoo, I’m in.

  • brian said:

    :D im in.


  • kwijiboe said:

    yooo, plz

  • Mark said:

    Email sent, thanks chaps! Goodluck to everyone. :)

  • Jeff said:

    I’m entered!!! I will keep my fingers crossed :)

  • Paul said:

    i wonder how many keys they got to give away?

  • Jared said:

    Sent my e-mail in! Let’s hope I get lucky :)

  • Rob said:

    Sent my email in i hope i get in im a big little big planet fan

  • Ewald said:

    -25sent my email in! Hope I get lucky

  • Vic Young said:

    I really hope this isn’t just to get people on your mailing list

  • Stevie Gonzalez said:

    I heard about the Eurogamer give away after it was all over and was pretty upset about that, but here’s another opportunity courtesy of you guys. Thanks a lot for giving away Beta Codes, I know there’s a lot of people such as myself that have LittleBigPlanet preordered and cannot wait to play it.

    Good luck to all :)

  • Seyelback said:

    I’ve sent my email!
    It would be my first beta! :D

  • Nicolas said:

    Thanks for giving us the chance to get a LBP key!

    Email has been sent, best of luck to everyone!

  • Nadz66 said:

    Sent email. I really hope to get in, in my opinion this is the biggest game of the year. Good Luck Everyone :)

  • daniel lawton said:

    dying to try this game out, it looks so kiddy but so mature cant wait :)

  • liam montero said:

    lbp looks so awesome

  • eivind said:

    Finaly maybe this is my time to get one. that would be very cool!!

    Thanks DPad

  • Reece said:

    I hope I get in!

  • Mike said:

    man i hope i get in

  • Daniel rourke said:

    thnks dpad good luck every one

  • Andrew Duncan said:

    I need to get into this one. i want this game so much and my genie says ill get a new wish if i win but i think the wish will have already been answered.

  • Jon W said:

    Good luck guys, got my fingers crossed!!

  • john said:

    cheers d+pad hopefully ill be a winner, then can play this over the weekend with my little daughter. hmmm i wonder how many keys dpad got to give out

  • Pn_cho said:

    A game of chance exciting

  • Eric Dusseau said:

    I hope i get in guys, i have been looking forward to this for a long time

  • Eric Dusseau said:

    i sent mail to get in!

  • Maik said:

    really want this game !

  • Taichi23 said:

    Woot!! Hope to get in the beta and thanks alot D+PAD and SCEE for doing this =D

  • Ian A said:

    Here’s Hoping and good luck all !

  • Juan said:

    I like to have the beta
    good luck.

  • Comatosed said:

    Just sent my entry, hope I get one, been after this beta since it came out! Great giveaway!!!!

  • Zelkan said:

    Thanks !

  • jary said:

    COOL I hope I get a code

  • Vanneruk said:

    This is my last chance to get a code, i hope i get one.

  • Dane Jensen said:

    That was definitely a more simple way to sign up for a beta, I hope I get picked.

  • Emmanuel Osuwah said:

    Hope I get in mates! wickeddd

  • Sergio said:

    Yay… Good job Dpad!!!
    I’m looking forward to have my beta key and start playing LBP beta.
    That game will be awesome.


  • Bob said:

    Just entered. I sure hope LUCK stands on my side!
    The opportunity to participate in the Little Big Planet beta would be greatly appreciated. The immense anticipation to play such an inventive game title continues to flair up from within.

    THANKS! I look forward to playing the LBP beta soon.

  • Perry said:

    fingers crossed and all that … nice site btw,wasn`t aware of it!

  • jake said:

    SW33333t i’ve been dying to get one of these code i hope i get lucky this time

  • killnate said:

    Thanks, very cool

  • SD said:

    I really do hope I get picked. I have never been chosen for a beta before and I would like to be chosen for once.

  • Kirathian said:

    All Hail D+PAD!

    Loyal follower confirmed!

  • Tom Hanman said:

    Woo i missed the last beta code give away so heres hoping i get a key from this

  • bin said:

    hope i get
    love the site

  • George said:

    I send the email and hope to be chosen :D

  • ronald coulthard said:

    Just sent my e-mail so fingers crossed for this one. :D

  • nickperry said:

    i entered

    im in a wheelchair btw

    …just sayin

  • Zain Abiddin said:

    I Have Sent My Name And E-Mail Address.

  • annie moore said:

    sent my e-mail..hope I get one (seen as though as the US peeps got the last ones).. this game looks so wkd, role on next month.

  • matthew calvello said:

    D+PAD your the best, i want this so so so so so so so badly!!!!!!!!!

  • Scorpion_UK said:

    I hope i get in. THis game will be amazing.

  • Gari14 said:

    Thanks Dpad.

    At least i might have a chance of getting one unlike the shambles that was Eurogamer.net.

    Here’s hoping!


  • logan said:

    i hpe i getone

  • Anthony Maioran said:


  • Michal Kostrzewski said:

    Can’t wait… ;>

  • Ellie Virtcheva said:

    Thanks guys, fingers crossed I get in! My boyfriend will be sooo jealous :)

  • Roux André said:

    Good luck everyone.
    I want absolutely this beta key !!!

  • sam_w said:

    hope i get in XD

  • gazo said:

    Thanks D pad fingers crossed.

  • David Collins said:


  • Yannick Hill said:

    I’d be so happy to play and create in the LBP universe. It looks ridiculously fun.

  • Juanvasquez said:

    Hope I get one. I was gutted I missed out on the Eurogamer one. Though I may have one if the actual site worked!

  • Didier Darricau said:

    Thanks for this competition, lets hope for the best, this would totally rock!

    thanks again! ive Entered!

  • Ryan said:

    Man i am so looking forward to this game.

    It looks fantastic.

  • Chris said:

    I hope I can get one.

  • Ridoine said:

    Thanks for the opportunity !

  • rasterico said:

    Ive entered and am keeping everything crossed!

  • Matt said:

    sent an email I hope im lucky. Thanks for this opportunity and good luck to all!

  • EdwinF said:

    Done and done. *fingers crossed*

  • steve said:

    Good luck to everyone here, i know how much everyones been searching, i’ve been trying since day 1 since the whole damn eurogamer scenario! my index finger still hurts from all the f5′ing!

  • SB97 said:

    GoodLuck everyone! PLEEEEEEEEEEASEEEEEEEE let it be me!!

  • alkalinetrio said:

    Thanks dpad. Any chance of telling us how many you had to save the suspense! If everyone that applied commented… hopefully we are all in with a chance!!

  • Craig Leslie said:

    Just entered.. this is amazing.. a fair comp for us UK folk who had to endure and fail getting the betas for a number of reasons.. i was also annoyed so many americans where getting the beta thru the 2nd username UK accounts..

    Thanks Dpad for this comp. Good luck to all!

  • dan said:

    i know it says uk but could europeans get into this, im in ireland by the way. well i entered anyway

  • Luke said:

    I submitted myself on the off chance! Good luck everyone.

  • Dean said:

    Thnx for the oppertunity D-Pad!
    LBP looks like ridiculously & amazingly fun to play!
    Hope I receive one!

    Peace Dean

  • Taichi23 said:

    Thanks D+PAD for the opportunity to play LBP =)

  • Peter said:

    Hope I get invited!!!

  • Neil said:

    I submitted.
    Good luck everyone :)

  • Dale said:

    Thanks very much guys,,, good luck everyone

  • Paul said:

    email sent….i want one sooo bad

  • John said:

    Emailed, the suspense is killing me!

  • Isaac said:

    Yes! Sent my email! hope i get it! there’s not been so much hype for a game since dunno when!

  • Albert said:

    Pleasee D+Pad I need a Beta.
    I love your web

  • oskwish said:

    how many keys is it?

  • Andrew said:

    OMG, hope i get in…good luck everyone.

  • Julian said:

    Best of luck everyone.

    I would spend 24/7 working on the snazziest level you can imagine, here’s hoping no sleep till Thursday!

    Some of the user created levels I’ve seen look fantastic!

    Thanks D-pad for the chance.

  • Sam said:

    Yay, entered
    hope i’m not to late

  • Sam R said:

    Yay, entered
    hope i’m not to late

  • Jason said:

    on my knees praying.

  • Imran said:

    Hopefully we all get a Beta Key!!!

    Cant wait for this game to arrive!


  • Khalid said:

    Thanks a lot. the game looks so good

  • Nick Whelan said:

    Got to give it a try. Fingers crossed. My 2.5 year old will be chuffed. He loves Sackboy.

  • Jay said:

    Done! Cheerz game pad hope i win! lol!

  • Ellie Virtcheva said:

    This has probably been answered before, but does anyone know how many keys are up for grabs?

  • MikeGana said:

    Over 300 comments, and I assume therefore 300 peeps want beta keys. Here’s hoping there’s enough to go round. Most sites that I’m aware of have about 1000. I know Eugamer had 5000 so you never Know?! Hope we all get in anyways!

  • MikeGana said:

    D+Pad any headsup on how many keys available? Or have you guys deliberately avoided that to avoid getting swamapd?

  • Mark said:

    I’ve entered – never get picked for these so fingers crossed! I’m gonna make a sack-boy in full Great Britain get-up and a Best of British level. What should I include, bangers and mash, fish and chips and good old curry for sure! A foody level!

  • berepoot said:

    hope am looking a few days around on the net to get a key and finally i found a site where i have a chance so i hope to get a mail. This would be so great :D

  • William Humphry said:

    I hope i win me a beta

  • Danny said:

    Entered! Good Luck everyone!
    *dances the good luck dance*

  • MikeGana said:

    @ Mark, I read somwhere about a level based on the human digestive system. Now that would be cool!!! Anyone remember InnerSpace? lol great movie.

  • RichardDJames said:

    This game is beautifull and fantastic !!

    Well done Sony.

    Btw I like the “Stephen Fry voiceovers in the game :)

  • Alan said:

    Good luck to all that entered.

  • sonihal said:

    Just sent an email good luck to all who enters. Cant wait for this game!!!!!

  • Raydafunk said:

    Wow this is crazy, very good move from Sony’s PR people with all these keys giving away, creating quite a buzz about the game.

  • officercartman said:

    nice comp…i never win anything but at least i stand a chance..
    Great idea that they are random and not the first to the site.
    good luck all

  • lee said:

    Please let me get a key!! :-)

    Good luck everyone

  • mey said:

    i have been so unlucky getting a code for any beta i need my luck to change lol.

  • Marc said:

    I just sent my entry in, good luck everyone … by the looks of all the entries, I guess we are going to need a lot of luck.
    LittleBigPlanet for the win!

  • elander said:

    So a Swedish guy cant use a english code then….

  • Simon said:

    Wow…can only hope!

  • David Skinner said:

    Hope i get one too ive been waiting for this game for ages

  • Tom said:

    woo hoo, good luck people

  • TAPAKAH said:

    good luck

  • Felix said:

    Here’s hoping.

  • Felix said:

    here’s Hoping

  • oskwish said:

    realy need this

  • Matta said:

    Nice giveaway

  • SpaceJebus said:

    Well I’ve sent in my request. Here’s hoping :)

  • onken said:

    It’s a nightmare looking at everyone on my friends list playing this, I NEED to get in!

  • richtea said:

    WooHoo, i hope i get it. Good luck to everyone tho!

  • Karl Foster said:

    This looks like the game that will really make me happy for buying a ps3!

  • WrigglyRichard said:

    Hi there thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter for a Little Big Planet Beta key :)

  • Dashedchris said:

    WOW ! I just wanna say thankyou for letting me enter this fantastic competition to win a Little Big Planet Beta key !! will be keeping my fingers crossed .

    Heres hoping :)

  • Luke said:

    My hope is that most people who entered left a comment. If so we’ve all got a good chance!!

    I fear that’s a little optimistic though

  • Snakershaker said:

    Yea yea yea…
    good luck for a beta code for everyone ^^

  • Liam said:

    I entered

  • Gavin said:

    I sent my entry in the first day, thought i should post a comment saying so even if i am alittle late doing so :p also a big thanks to Dpad for doing this :D

  • darren said:

    hey dudes i got my fingers crossed for this since i missed the beta on wednesday =( lol any way heres hopeing =)

  • Gtamax said:

    Good luck for all

  • Jake said:

    I hope I get in, I didn’t manage to get one off EuroGamer, and I love LBP! Thanks DPad!!!

  • lewis watkins said:

    i entered! hopefully i get one :D thanks

  • sackboy said:

    i sended a mail to them hope they accept me

  • mrsatansdojo said:

    fingers crossed. Like Kevin Keegan, I would love it, love it if I won!

  • Craig said:

    I really hope i get in i have looked everywhere for the beta and only just found out that you have to enter something to get it, i have been hoping to get this since it came out.

    i have also pre-ordered the game but i would like to see what the beta is like.

    Juggalo XD

  • Gav said:

    Entered yesterday afternoon, hope i get a key.
    Good luck guys!

  • Luis Santiago said:

    Hopefully I’ll get one.


  • claudio said:

    good luck everyone:)
    everybody should win a key :)

  • Alan said:

    good luck every one!!! ive sent, LBP Rules

  • Seth said:

    Good luck everyone, praying i get one. :)

  • John R said:

    Wow! I hope i get one, been trying for ages!
    *crosses fingers nervously*

  • Michael Rubin said:

    Fifth time lucky I hope!

  • Ted said:

    Hey, trying hard for a beta code. Love the site, thanks for the chance.

  • Qasim said:

    whats to stop yanks emailing for the code as they did with Eurogamer then then made a UK account and downloaded the beta

  • oskwish said:

    20 min left xD (praying with fingers crossed)

  • Gareth Schofield said:

    lets hope we are luckier than last times yank fest

  • Ronnie said:

    Good luck folks.

    I really hope that I get one here!

  • Maxxeh said:

    I wish it was first come first serve.. I entered as soon as i saw it! within 5 minutes!
    I really hope I get in..but I bet I won’t :(

    I just want to make huge piston driven cannons!

  • Snakershaker said:

    Im wondering how many beta codes there are…

  • john said:

    yeah same here miss the big beta give away on tue due to working backshift, ive never got into any beta yet, and ive got 10 days on leave now and nothing to do, hopefully dpad got a lot of betas to give away, fingers crossed i get in

  • Maxxeh said:

    TIMES UP!!

    me too.. i think i sent my real address instead of my email addres.. lol

    but the email address i sent it from was correct.! lol..

    I dont think i won!

  • Darren Fox said:


  • oskwish said:

    still praying with fingers crossed

  • Darren Fox said:

    Please post on here as soon as anyone gets a winning confirmation Email. At least then i’ll know when to stop hitting refresh !!!

    Fingers crossed all

  • john said:

    i wonder how many beta keys they had to give away, anyway will keep an eye out for first person to say they got a email then check mine, but not expecting to much now :(

  • oskwish said:

    same here but im more hopeful! :D

  • Darren Fox said:

    WOO HOO….i just received an email telling me CONGRATULATIONS you are now eligible for a thicker love rod to satisfy your lady. Not exactly an LBP BETA but reckon i might have some of that !!

  • john said:

    gonna check back later as they said they picking winners and emailing them later this evening, so cant see anything happening for next hr or more

  • Maxxeh said:

    I’m scared :(

  • Shankar said:

    Hehe, i replied this mornin. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!
    P.S. This post will be the last and now explode.

  • oskwish said:

    im still praying with fingers crossed! xD

  • Jack said:

    Ahhhhhhhh i hope i get in, please hurry up and send them out, the suspense is killing me lol.

  • Mahmud Siraj said:

    Im so nervous right now, I hope I get a code

  • Rog said:

    Got one!!!!!! Downloading now! THANKS!!!

  • Maxxeh said:

    are you kidding? D:

    i didnt win..

  • Paul said:

    idont think they are telling the truth :-( , first time they post something and its saying they have got one???, xbox360 guys i guess lolz

  • Alex said:

    Well, its all over, I hope I get one…

  • bob said:

    I want this so bad right now im drooling at the mouth! i got so many ideas for levels my heads gonna explode!!!!

  • darren said:

    dude i dont know if ive done this right i typed everything in on msn it dident work on the webpage right here and i think i marked it as safe how do u check if its marked safe????

  • Paul said:

    it just means check your junk mail folder

  • Maxxeh said:

    I feel like a child… pleeeeease don’t be over, and pleeeeease pick me! :D

  • john said:

    arghhh the suspense, i want a key, i hope they gonna announce when all people have been informed, there might have only been 10 keys

  • darren said:

    dude i deleted all my emails from my inbox and junk mail?????? so what do u mean by check your junk email?? so it was clear for this

  • Maxxeh said:

    It just means that your mail program could filter the beta email into your junkmail.
    they havn’t been sent yet, so you just have to wait and find out.

    It shouldnt be filtered into your junk, but it might.
    Once the keys are given out, check your inbox and your junkbox to make sure.

  • darren said:

    ok now i get cheers m8 hoping to get news from the keys any time now =) hope i get one =)

  • liquidus118 said:

    wait, have they sent the emails yet?

  • oskwish said:

    dont know some says that they have got their keys

  • MikeGana said:

    OK DPAD can you confirm if all the emails have been sent now, so I can stop F5′ing this page! the suspence is Killimg Me. I want one NOW!!!

  • Maxxeh said:

    haha every time i get an email my heart jumps.. i just got a rockstar propaganda mail and gta


  • Maxxeh said:

    *about gta

  • john said:

    come on , its maybe just a plot to keep people coming back to this web site, i just want a beta key !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt said:

    Still havent got it they been sent ??

  • Matt said:

    Still havent got it they been sent ?? Yet well

  • Matt said:

    well im bored

  • oskwish said:

    praying with fingers, arms, legs, fets, toes and heads crossed

  • Bruce said:

    Does it not say it’s over at the top and they’re sorry if people didn’t get one?

  • Darren said:

    Yes it does. We just wanna know when people have got an email so we can all stop refreshing our screens and do something productive.

  • john said:

    yeah but under it, it also says winners are being picked and will be informed later this evening, well i dont think ive got one, so dont think im stopping on here refreshing when all key emails could have gone out, there might have only been 10 keys to give away, considering it 3hrs since comp shut i would have thought those people who have won should have there emails by now, and are just not online at moment or posting on here

  • Maxxeh said:

    No, they are being chosen now. the email is just closed for more entries.

    It says:
    “Winners are being randomly selected now and will be emailed their code later this evening”

  • john said:

    right thats me for a hr im going off and ill check back later, i think dpad should have mentioned how many keys they had, prob more chance on me winning the euro lottery tonight than getting a beta key, mind u if i did win the euro lottery i could buy the company lol

  • MikeGana said:

    DPAD should do us a all a favour a bring proper closure here

    It does’nt help that the terms and conditions state that “keys will be sent out within 24 hours of the competition closing” That’s just torture. C’mon guys throw us a bone here!!!

    1.How many keys were allocated?
    2.Have all emails been sent out?
    3.Can I stop refreshing now?

  • Maxxeh said:

    maybe it was all a scheme to get more traffic :o


  • Ronnie said:

    Be patient guys :D Originally the post said that we’d hear within 24 hours of the close of the competition. We may still be ok.

  • George said:

    Hope get some key’s :) I just can wait to put my fingers on that tiny Sackboy to have some fun :D

  • Maxxeh said:

    put your fingers on a tiny sackboy to have some fun?! man that sounds perverted! lol

  • haydxn said:

    personally, I’m just kicking myself that I sent my entry as my gmail address thinking i’d know sooner (as it goes straight to my iPhone); my PSN ID is tied to my hotmail account. Not sure if they have the means to check the validity of the emails first but if so “I done shots myself in the foot, hyup”.

    Still, it’s late, and probably high time for me to stop checking status! Good luck everyone.

  • Luke said:

    “UPDATE 2: All winners have now been notified and keys have been sent out.”

    That’s it then. Aww

  • Maxxeh said:

    UPDATE 2: All winners have now been notified and keys have been sent out.




    I was certain I’d be picked..I emailed so quickly..

  • Maxxeh said:

    So who did get in?
    Do we get a final number?

  • George said:

    Unfortunatly i don’t received anything :(

  • john said:

    maybe there was never any winners, just a scan to get people to this site, or more likely they had 10 keys

  • George said:

    Yeah..probably :| Only they know the truth

  • john said:

    wahey! thanks guys, just checked and I won! didn’t think I’d ever win, thanks so much!

  • john said:

    btw I am different john to the john just above LOL

  • Maxxeh said:

    no way! you are so lucky! well done mate!

    I was really hoping to win this, being early and all!
    I’m still checking my inbox and junkbox..but I think i should stop..lol